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Just about everyone I know is double vaxxed. Some are triple. Grandmom, aunt, mom, dad, brother and his whole family, sister and her family, 95% of my friends and coworkers... They're all vaxxed to the gills. Everyone is fine. Other than a couple sore arms after the second shot nobody has had any side effects. I'm serious I really thought they would all be dropping like flies. Why are they all fine?

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It's not necessarily a sudden death thing. Some people die in few days after the injection sure, but most don't. What I noticed that there are a lot of illness and some strange new health problems among vaccinated colleges this winter. They also getting covid, but no serious case so far.

It looks like the injection can cause various health problems which can became serious a few years down the road, especially with boosters. Also part of the population probably got placebos as others have mentioned.