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Just about everyone I know is double vaxxed. Some are triple. Grandmom, aunt, mom, dad, brother and his whole family, sister and her family, 95% of my friends and coworkers... They're all vaxxed to the gills. Everyone is fine. Other than a couple sore arms after the second shot nobody has had any side effects. I'm serious I really thought they would all be dropping like flies. Why are they all fine?

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I just saw over and over that it was a death shot and everyone that took it was going to die. So I was hesitant while everyone I know took it and now I might as well be wearing a tinfoil hat fr. Fml we have Thanksgiving dinner this week and my family is talking about making everyone wear masks because I will be there and I'm the only one that's unvaxxed. I never saw this coming. I never thought I'd be this embarrassed. I feel humiliated because of how sure I was and came off so confident to them. And they're all fine. Not a single sniff. Wtf

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Vaxxed can spread covid. Treating you like a disease is wrong.

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Your the miracle shill then.

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