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Remember when we conspiracies used to post about shit about

Elite Pedo Rings

Esoteric Rituals of the elite

Ancient civilizations and knowledge



False Flags

Suspicious deaths of artists and famous people going against the grain




NASA coverups

Time travel


etc etc

yeah some of those topics are complete bullshit but more interesting then a post about some soccer player dying from myocarditis after taking the vaccine for the 50th fucking time

All there is here now is posts about the fucking vaccine and now Kyle Rittenhouse like it's somehow a mind blowing conspiracy the media is lying about it


But fuck post some interesting shit in here again this is basically all reposts from

Yo axl do some cleaning up and make a community thread for the vaccine and other shit that gets posted about 800 fucking times a day

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MacNarratives 3 points ago +3 / -0

The next step is the application of COVID emergency powers to the truly forever-crisis of "climate change." Climate lockdowns. Carbon footprint caps. Social credit score system tied to carbon. Banning of nutritious foods. And a host of other freedom restrictions.

Zap_Powerz 2 points ago +2 / -0

Their goals is to depopulate the planet by about 7 billion people and totally enslave the rest.

People have got to start coming to grips with this. We have a choice. We can fight and die or we can give in and die. If we fight, we have a chance to win. If we give in, we lose completely.

These psychopaths are not going to suddenly, one day, decide to be benevolent and kind to their slaves. Giving in only gets more pain and punishment.

MacNarratives 3 points ago +3 / -0

Problem is they are very smartly using a sliding scale of tyranny approach. Just compared for example Australia -> California -> Texas. Texas would not be putting up with the shit going on in California. California would not be putting up with the shit going on in Australia. But they basically figured out the maximum degree of tyranny to impose in each area in order to avoid a rebellion.