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He also notorious for throwing orgies for members of the JAYCEES which he was a part of before and after his first molestation charges in the late 60s. I suspect he was involved in human and drug trafficking. There was some evidence of his employees being tied to a drug ring in Puerto Rico. Apparently, one of his accomplices; Michael Rossi, was the grandson of Alderman Vito Marzullo out of Chicago who I am sure had mob ties. Another accomplice, Phillip Paske, was associated with international sex trafficker John Norman. This connection was highly publicized by the Chicago tribune a year before Gacy's capture, yet it is only being brought up now in relation to Gacy.

Another interesting connection that John Norman had was that of Dean Corll, a serial killer whose crimes are identical to Gacys. Norman's Houston ring was busted up by police a mere 10 days after the revelation of the Dean Corll murders. This also lead to an arrest of a sex ring in LA involving the son of an Oil Exec who was friends with Hoover and Eisenhower. There are even claims that Hoover bought call boys from this individual.