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There was plenty of food being grown on the island of Ireland. The problem was it was all shipped off to Great Britain and the poor Irish were only left with potatoes to feed themselves. When blight struck the potato crop, the famine was caused by the British not acknowledging this and continuing as normal to export everything but potatoes, regardless of the consequences to the Irish.

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All modern famines are deliberately created. But yes, I agree on the potential motive here.

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Who could have done it and how should they be held responsible ?

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All Royal families are infected by the same satanic elite.

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Yeah, evil scum all around leading us into death and despair. Nothing new.

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If I remember my history right the Irish were forced to mono-culture potatoes by the Brits. So maybe it was to make them move away to be cheap labor? It seems possible.

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Yes. Supporting evidence- many were also shanghai’d

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I am part Irish and my family came to the US because of the famine back in the 1850s. We were considered scum and slaves to the British and they have invaded and controlled Ireland for hundreds of years. Another user put it correct we were the niggers of the British crown. The famine idk if it was engineered or not but the British wanted the slave labor for themselves not for the US. Remember there is no such thing as “Irish” people we are genetically almost identical to British but we are Catholics who refused to bend the knee to the British crown and thus exiled and persecuted to Ireland. The Irish didn’t start to fight back until the early 1900s and the conflict is still going on with the IRA and British. There is an Irish army that is separate but that country is cucked now and ushers in Africans. My focus is on Irish in America. We were actually valued as less then slaves because slaves were an investment, Irish workers were not. The north used us to build their cities in the industrial Revolution and to combat the slave labor of the south which was almost impossible to compete with until the south was decimated during the civil war. The difference was the Irish and later Italians were forced to assimilate because they were not owned property unlike the black slaves in the south. After 100 years and two world wars the Irish were completely integrated into the population and culture. Also we are white and thus have white children with German, Italian, English, and most European people. If it was a plan to produce slave labor it backfired on them horribly as Irish and Italian descendants are the biggest population to stand up to ((them)) and fight for freedom today. The question now is about Hispanics....