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Zap_Powerz [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

I think he does an excellent job of explaining the behind the scenes history that has lead to our current state of affairs. Ive been in these rabbit holes for over a decade and what he says is consistent with what Ive learned. He is consistent with the research of Douglas Vogt.

TLDR: World governments know we are headed into an ice age due to grand solar minimum.

The Chinese want to eradicate all other races, except a slave race in Africa, and they want to be the ones to rule the world after the GSM has decimated the population due to starvation.

Problem is, the Chinese are starving now and need US soil to grow enough food for their people.

Came up with a plan to exterminate US population without destroying infrastructure.

The plan is bio warfare using the common cold and then the lethal injections.

They have been at this plan for decades and have managed to capture, through blackmail and bribery, our executive, legislative and judicial branches and many of our military leadership. They have captured our schools and media....the long march through the institutions.

We are now an occupied country.

Youll have to watch the video for the good news (we win).

chopperpilot15 4 points ago +4 / -0

I just watched it last night too, good synopsis