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I use an anti-device fingerprinting add-on (Cydec anti-fp) that I pay for whenever I browse the internet, along with a VPN. This is basic internet hygiene so you aren't caught up in surveillance dragnets. It also makes it harder for big tech and ISPs to sell your information.

What's disturbing is signing in or posting to this site isn't possible with this add-on turned on. The site also spams fingerprint detection attempts. I know because the add-on tells me when it happens, and it happens a lot!

Device fingerprinting is used as an anti-spam defense, but it's also a super sketchy way to uniquely identify people visiting a website.

Does anyone really know who operates the communties.win website? It seems that every reddit refuge is pushed here. It started when /r/the_donald was banned from reddit. In hindsight it's crystal clear Trump wasn't some "savior" but was part of the establishment's plan to manufacture a crisis to be used as a catalyst to implement the great reset. Should we really trust the new sheep pen where they herded the undesirables on reddit?

I'ld really like to know more about who administers these sites, who their investors are, and who has access to the data (including the fingerprint data that they are clearly harvesting on users).

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The fable goes, they've got a screendoor factory.

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I heard it was a revolving door factory.