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We need to start working on something before we get fucked in the ass and thrown in concentration camps. We can't just sit here and lose like that. What are our options otherwise.

I'm at the point past several days where I'm taking a break from the covid, and conspiracy research. You can keep doing that part-time after work. I got the gist of it though. From these doctors and some virus experts advising against the vaccine, sounds like everybody you know and worked with, who probably got the shots.. sounds like they're all gonna be dead in the next oh they're saying 3-5 years. You may already be seeing little signs.

I'm the only one at work who's not vaccinated. When they started getting on my case I had printed off this open letter from a BC doctor to the BC health minister of issues he was seeing in his patients after they began the vaccination.

I said I'm hangin loose till I see how it affects people. I was wearing my doctor mask at work before the virus, for the dust. So I just wear it all the time. It's not a bad thick cloth type. Level 2, level 3 is for blood splashes. They aren't getting on my case.

But.. once there's issues and they start to miss work and die.. then the fucking government 'll probably do the concentration camps.

You also hear about guys who their job says hey you gotta get vaccinated. They're not doing that where I work. The owners go to a church so who knows. When I saw that Dr Dan stock speaking to a school board I had messaged it to the owners. Said, keep an open mind when the variants come in. Then few days later the damn Delta showed up here in town. So who knows how they'll react. But if the government cranks down, you're fucked and they'll have to do what they say.

There's also this small city around here, second lowest vaccination rate in the country. I think the mayor's Christian. Talked about how it was Satan who was behind the Covid. I had messaged them with all the data I've researched. I said if they take you to court use all this doctor data where they're advising against the vaccine. If there's trouble and the government starts cracking down, won't be able to bail out to a town like that cause they'll be fucked too.

I think it's gonna get pretty bad here in Canada.. like almost a bit like Australia. We'll see.

From my Illuminati research it seems like they always have to leave us "free will". You choose the evil option they provide, like drugs, violence in movies, wasting your time playing their video games. There's always a way out.

This one's a bit tough.. if your job cranks down, you just gotta go, fuck those guys and get another job.

But uh, jobs are a major bitch. I had a hard time getting one before this one few years ago. Your money dwindles and I didn't wanna go to welfare. There was a temp agency I'd go there. But those guys 'll probably be like, are you vaccinated.

I could stand by a road with a sign saying, looking for a job, not vaccinated. You could seriously get sniped by an pro vax nut when people start dying, ok. So, probably a bad idea. lol.

What do you do then. I bet to even get fucking welfare they'd be like, you gotta be vaccinated. I don't know yet. We aren't at the point where there's not this free will option. If they're bitches about not letting us in grocery stores, you just order it online for delivery.

That world map of the vaccination rate, I don't think there's one country where it's 100% mandatory. That's fishy. I thought these muslim ones or must be some dictator one.. but don't think I saw one. Like let me check it again to see the darkest color and was there any at 100%.

Oh, China is now on there, 74%. See, right there you know something's "fishy". Cause those guys it's like Russia in the 70's or something. They slam the hammer down and that's it. Let me check Cuba or something. Cuba 51%. Russia's fishy in this.. 30%. Portugal, 86%. United Arab Emirates, 88%. Those guys crack the whip. Iran 22%. Saudi Arabia 63%.

Right there you know something's fishy. That's cause they gotta leave us "free will". How they nail you is when it has to do with money. What got a lot of my older brothers and sisters was the travelling cause they like to go on vacation or for work. They all got the shots.

Don't let this bullshit fuck you over, man. Me.. no matter what, after my research I ain't gettin the shot. I'm one of these extreme guys too where anything to do with the pharmaceutical industry, they're absolutely corrupt. So even the fuckin swabs, if I can avoid it, I ain't fuckin gettin no swab. Cause I think that's how all this shit spread when everybody was locked down, wearing masks and social distancing. If I gotta get a test for work, I'll fuckin quit.

Along my research I was like, ok gotta be ready here to head to the hills and live in the wilderness for a few years. Where you don't head back to town cause variants could kill you.

You gotta calm down and remember.. at this point you can only catch this shit from hangin out with some mother fucker. The bunnies, birds, squirrels they're like they used to be before. It's pretty easy to deal with this.. you just don't deal with nobody. I'm already used to that cause I'd just work, sleep, chores.. wasn't hanging out with anybody before.

I'll check it out headin to the bush if it gets to that point. Did some research about what kind of fuckin gear would you bring. What I'm thinkin about lately is melting fuckin rocks at high heat with wind on the fire to get fuckin metal. Pour that in a mold. lol. That's the shit ya gotta look into. lol

How about the concentration camps though. I think these guys are fucked up enough that they'll do that, eh. And for fuckin how long would you be in the slammer.

Would you head to the bush instead of goin to the concentration camp. Then you'd probably be a fugitive. They'd just use satellites and somebody 'll come and get you. I think you're fucked at that point and probably gotta do that.

What if we networked or something. Lately I been thinking about "international waters". Were, fuck these guys and their laws. Like holy fuck already with Australia, man. All the countries are fucked so only thing ya got is this "international waters".

What does that mean.. like we gotta get some freighter and hang loose on the ocean? Hey at least you can fuckin fish out there. And lots of water. Distill that somehow. Better have some vitamin C though so you don't get "scurvy" like pirates..haha.

Dudes.. I think we better start looking into pooling 5 bucks each and gettin a fuckin freighter. Pull up so whatever country you're at or just at the international waters boundry and it's up to you to take some fuckin little dingy over to it. lol.

I don't know man.. "international waters" seems like our only salvation, man. Might wanna start getting cracking at this before we're "fucked" and all you can do is bend it over and go to the concentration camp. lol

ok, whatcha guys got on all this shit man.

I'm takin a break from the covid, conspiracy research. I got the gist of it. No fucking way am I getting the covid vaccine, ever. You hear lately oh gotta get a shot every few months and now fucking pills every day. Yup, that sounds like the pharmaceutical industry. So, whatever's goin on.. I ain't gettin that shit if I can avoid it. Sounds like fuckin China they don't force your ass down and inject you. So, something's fishy with this shit.

I don't know man.. I'm watchin sci fi movies on the free movies site Tuvi latey and probably just gonna keep doin that for a while. Takin a break from this shit. Thought about how, oh next weekend should start working on audio again.

I think I'm gonna be tuning out from all this shit, man. I got the gist of what's gonna go down. Sounds like everbody around you is gonna start croaking. When some of these mother fuckers at work start dropping dead.. then it'll be like.. ok time to quit fuckin around here.. lol.

We may not have internet at that point eh. I think somebody should get this freighter idea goin before then. I'm in. Y'arrrr. lol. Got no passport though. And then, aren't you kinda fucked where you have to be vaccinated to travel. hmm.. That's their method though on a plane. Maybe you can still head to this ship on your own. Could maybe still do it now. Later, might not be able to.

It's all lookin like I'll be living in some culvert in a year. lol. You can't be a fuckin coward, man.. like holy fuck with these guys. There's gotta be some kind of other plan.

We know what the fuck is going on here. It's like I used to say about conspiracy guys.. you graduated with the schooling. You gotta get boots on the ground and do the research with your own eyes in the real world. With this shit here.. I think it's time to get "contingency plans" for like what the fuck we gonna do, before shit hits the fan. lol.

I'm done the research though ya guys.. it's time to go to the next level.. and that's lookin like the international waters and the freighter. So, somebody get crackin on that. Meanwhile, I'm about as far as it gets from the ocean.. the middle of north america. lol. Hey, if somebody fuckin get a freighter goin, well there is the ocean from the Husdon bay up north. You say you're gonna fuckin pick me up I'll get my fuckin ass up north there. Or maybe by BC but then gotta fuck around with going over province borders and they're pretty uptight already but still can these days. Later, I picture it being a, lol.. "nope" like when I analyzed the heading to the mountains.

I don't know man.. "international waters" is probably our only hope cause they're that widespread and this is the new world order eh. Plus they killed off whatever dictators in recent years. So naw.. that's the only place.. "international waters". ok ya guys.. get crackin at that. lol. I'm tuning out from all this shit and checkin what kinds of shit they're talkin about in sci-fi movies. Little clues in there.

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Pretty much my thoughts, fellow observer. Haven't been a member of a secret society, but logic would seem to demand you keep the life-smart when culling the overpopulation. No, you don't want your population base to be people who can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground.

this imo ties a lot of distinct threads that I couldn't make a lot of sense of before the last few years.

The people running this show have known about the ECC for quite a while, and even had the CIA suppress one of the first books on the topic. They would presumably have access to far more data and information on the ECC than gets released to the general public, and maybe even a timeframe.

If you're nuts, then I probably am too.

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I'm not seeing any part with a place to pick. I try to remain skeptical, and even watched that Ben Davidson Debunked video by "professor dave", but it's all too plausible.

A really interesting point that I haven't seen covered is how earths population only began to spike in the very recent past. Makes you wonder if there was some outside influence, and how exactly that would work. If not, it's a hell of a coincidence. Look up *earths population by year 10000 bce to present". The magnitude of that spike is incredible.


In roughly the past year, I've seen the MSM go from silence to acknowledging that past polar flips are "associated with great extinctions".

Now they're prepping us for a CME that could wipe out the internet.

I'm going to check my watch if they start mentioning mile high tsunamis of ocean slosh.

Even without the ECC, the population spike and polar flip are going to make life very interesting in the near future. With the ECC...