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Her last IG post was all the way back in February. Her Facebook still hasn't updated. Every mainstream media site reported that she didn't die but yet she's still has yet to return to social media. Not a single post not a single comment or photo, nothing.. After years upon years of near daily use of social media.

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This is not the only possible explanation. I have an alternative one - https://conspiracies.win/p/11RNtNifXW/theory-tiffany-dover-is-not-dead/

Still there is no solid proof of death. Only some suspicious money-pulling sites. Even closest friends and relatives did not leak anything about her death. I think it is highly improbable to leak nothing for ordinary people if they know she is dead.

hehasnoweong 1 point ago +1 / -0

Never thought shills would infest a sub with almost no one.

People found her death certificate. As for while the family didnt speak out it's probably because the labs gave the family big money to keep quiet.