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Now, in recent years I’ve begun noticing thing. I think almost all of us have, otherwise we’d be ..redditors shudders. Every time someone is this truly awful, deranged, left wing piece of shit I check their early life biography and .. yep, every time. It’s statistically too much, it ain’t a coincidence. But then so many of y’all are Christians. What’s with that? Why were the Jews of the Bible so different? Jesus, Paul, Peter etc. none of these guys were walking around going “ugh, we white people must do better!” or “yeah, I don’t really do gender. Like, if you MUST gender me, I prefer xhir”. And Jesus HIMSELF tends to be quite redpilled on the jq. I’ve heard conspiracies that there the main modern Jews, the ashkenazi, are fake Jews? That they are actually Kazars or something? Any help would be great

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I've been thinking about this for a while, In the bible the Israelites (Jews) are God's chosen people they constantly go against God even after he saves them from Egypt they cry about it and want to go back even though he is providing for them. Its pretty much a history of rebellion's against God. My theory is that the cycle is repeating itself, although it is at a much greater scale now it seems.

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One way I thought about it was it’s the ultimate way to promote peace and harmony and to prevent worship of race. For example, if Jesus was Swedish, there’d be temptation to put Swedes on a pedestal. “They’re tall, blonde AND Jesus was one of them! Imagine being Swedish! Best race ever!!”. But by having Jesus be a Jew it prevents that. The next time someone says “fuck, I fucking hate Mexicans. “, someone can say “bro, respect all races. Jesus was a jew for fucks sake”.

TLDR: if the best Man ever can come into humanity via the worst people, it gives hope to us all.