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KennyLiquorbush [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

They are only rich because the masses tolerate the system that they have completely subverted.

braveContrarian 1 point ago +1 / -0

these people arent all even rich. only the inner circle are actually important. the rest are literally the people they are satiating (that are actually voting for them) until they no longer need the popularity.

thats the whole scam -- this is the life you're lead to believe is "the good life" "the top" when its honestly, to me, more disingenuous than crack house or a den of thieves partying it up.

I honestly realized the whole brainwashing towards the party culture in high school and college pretty early because I was more watching the people there, and the activity (what the police let slide and didnt), and the most interactions i had were to get connected with shit -- and since i had my own network of street smuggling connections at the time finding more wasnt hard.

but this is literally like just that. these people are legit brainwashed at middle age to think its cool to go to the fun popular high school kids party and ingratiate themselves by humiliating themselves before them.

like seriously I wouldnt wanna party with this crowd even if the cocaine was out of this world.