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jubyeonin 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yeah, it's the beginning of UBI. They always need to introduce something before tax time so it looks better. This is extra money they are spreading this way for now.

During the "stimulus" rounds, if you looked at the normie sentiment, they all agreed to hyperinflation to pay out a billion dollars by giving their masters trillions because they wanted their money. They thought the "stimulus" was giving them what they were owed and now they should be owed a lot more so we should have UBI. This was during what should have been a one time payment to prevent the economy from crashing due to lockdowns, so it will be much worse as these deadbeats with five kids get paid even more for having children. They will say things like, "See? They can do monthly payments. They just didn't want to. Just send the money every month. It's my money. I need it. We need basic income. Other countries have it."

Commies are all over YouTube saying that we need monthly stimulus basic income and healthcare on financial videos. It gets worse whenever the government gives them more "free" money. As the invaders come in, they will continue to push for socialism to fund everything. The programs that give money to families and stuff usually have some loophole for invaders. In three years, they probably won't need a loophole because they will be granted citizenship.