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I walk my dog for an hour every day and like to tune into podcasts on podbean.

I've done history themed podcasts like hardcore history and "memorias de un tambor" (histoty of Spain across many topics in Spanish). I do political ones like Bongino, Red Pill News, and others.

I also do others luke Weird Darkness for unexplained and paranormal types of things.

I definitely would like to tune in for some consoiracy type stuff, beyond the surface ones though not like bigfoot and folklore ones, but ones that go down the rabbit hole.

Can we get a collection going for some I can add to my follow list? Preferably ones found on podbean for cinvenience but I understand a lot of them may be off of their own sites and whatnot.

I saw the booklists and websites, but a podcast is more suited for my schedule so I can listen while walking the dog and make the most of my time.

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No Agenda, the Propaganda Repoy

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No agenda is goofy and fun but was ahead of covid bullshit from day one.