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For many years I argued with shills and legitimate conspiracy theorists alike who seemed to be convinced they had the "dreaded swine flu" back in 2009.


The swine flu epidemic that was not as CDC advertised

They didn't. They were fooled. The swine flu hoax was yet more preparation for COVID.

What swine flu showed the psychopathic "elite" was that the population could actually be conditioning to convincing themselves they had a sickness they didn't via the power of suggestion.

COVID is swine flu x100.

The power of suggestion is phenomenally strong in humans. The COVID "virus" is a hoax. They have to maintain the illusion that it's a real "condition" and to do so requires symptoms that people can be convinced to manifest.

I've lost track of the many thousands of comments saying "I had COVID, I lost my sense of taste and smell!"

No you didn't, you fucking idiot.

You got sick like you always do from ingesting poisonous food and pharmaceuticals, and living immersed in environmental toxins and pollution.

If you see someone going off about how "their whole family got COVID because they lost their smell for a week" they're either lying or they're brainwashed.

I sure hope I don't spend the next 10 years arguing with covidians who have convinced themselves they "survived" the "deadly" virus, just like I did with the swine flu hoax.

I guess people just want to be a part of something? Why can't they choose something to participate in that helps humanity instead of reenforcing their slavery?

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I had covid (if you believe antibodies tests are accurate) and only partially lost my smell, and I think that was only because I was stuffed up for a few days. I didn't lose my taste but everything tasted different, weird, like even water tasted weird. But as soon as I recovered, everything went back to normal . I feel like my sense of smell has IMPROVED since then (7 months ago). I smell stuff from miles away I never had a strong sense of smell.