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I believe that covid 19 is no more than a more powerful than normal strain of the flu which was created by mass administration of leaky vaccines.


I started thinking about leaky vaccines and the flu. The flu shot was being heavily marketed for several years prior to covid. What if they intentionally created leaky vaccines for several years in order to create a flu superbug? Then, they simply relable this deadly flu strain covid, scare the living hell out of people, then create this mRNA therapeutic for creating new pandemics in the future.

I believe that the next time these people who are vaccinated become ill that they will have some extreme immune system reactions, with bizarre symptoms. Then, they will simply blame it on a new virus strain or whatever and inject everyone again. It's as close to an infinite growth model that exists in reality that I can think of. Anyways, just my personal theory

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The vaccine is the bio weapon they are using for population control. Furthermore, mrna has no place being in the vaccine, nor tested on the public for a mere cold virus. The flu shot theory is a stretch when you consider the premise that covid-19 actually doesn’t exist. They never isolated it, there wasn’t a significant increase in deaths - just cancer/pneumonia/heartattack/etc being labeled as “covid deaths” by the zionist media