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Before I start I'd like to tell you that I rarely frequent Reddit but started going back to look at wallstreetbets and some other stock subreddits to see what all the hype was about.

I stumbled across a post from r/Conspiracy. It was about how Politico "fact-checked" Maxine Waters and said she in fact did not say "Trump supporters were not welcomed here" even though we all know she did. I regret doing it but I clicked to read into the comments. Holy shit the idiocy I was reading. People defending her and trashing OP because they said "She said Trump cabinet members were not welcomed, not supporters". I swear the subreddit rather defend the liberal agenda than talk about the fact that "fact-checkers" were clearly lying or altering the context. Then they switch the topic to Trump incited the "insurrection". It's completely compromised. They have turned in r/Politics but worse because they consider themselves independents but they clearly love defending the MSM.

I try to talk without biases. But damn you can't even say anything remotely good about Trump with out an army of libtards completely bashing you. Hell, you can'y even bring up the fucking conspiracy that there were fraudulent votes. Any talk against the MSM there and you are attacked.

I know most of you know this already but I just wanted to vent because it's bad that a place that prided itself on non partisan conspiracy talk is now just r/PoliticsJr

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Reddit has changed so much over the last 5 years