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tmuktkpuqzyc 11 points ago +12 / -1

This is fake news, presumably deliberate misinformation.

At 1:40 it cuts from the document search screen to the screen for editing a family tree. You can tell that the maker of the video created a new Tiffany Pontes record from scratch because under "sources" it says "no sources", if this was the official Ancestry.com record then the document shown earlier in the video would be listed here. It is also missing several known facts from that same document, which should show up under Facts on the left side (including... Name and 2 known Residences).

I created a free trial account and stepped through this myself. Here's what it actually looks like when you add the real Tiffany Pontes record (shown in first half of the video) to a family tree:


Don't be fooled, always verify your sources!