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Rules: Do we need them? Maybe just the basics:

No calls to or threats of physical violence?

No doxxing (actual doxxing like posting home addresses not just discussing social media etc)?

No spam, no pornography (unless specifically conspiracy-related ie Hunter Biden)?

Mods: u/trinadin is coming back on board, but it would be nice to have one more conspiracy-oriented mod and one more design/CSS oriented mod. I don't think we need any more than that. I've already had several folks reach out and maybe this thread would be a good opportunity to throw your hat in the ring.

Priority will be given to those with .win modding experience and/or those NOT on reddit (I'm starting to spend more of my time here anyway).

CSS: We need an update...in the beginning I almost waited to launch this until the CSS looked better, but time was of the essence so we went with what we have now. It was always meant to be only temporary! Let's beef it up. Design isn't really my thing, but I appreciate and recognize how important it is to look sleek, ESPECIALLY when you're presenting controversial and conspiratorial content.

On another note, it seems crucial to limit downvoting to accounts with a certain karma threshold. What should that threshold be? Link and comment karma? What subreddits use this, and what are their thresholds? Is it even possible to implement here?

Other than these drive-by downvoters, this place has been RAD so far.

And something tells me this is only the beginning...

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Does the block button actually work here? It doesn't seem to have any effect for me, can still see all the posts and comments from folks I've blocked.