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Almost all radio stations are full of toxic music even the Country stations.

The radio itself is on 440hz frequency to irritate the masses and have us fight each other.

The low vibes that come from the music is because the writers of the music have evil intentions. They even run a Satanic ritual on the song which must be bad in some way or another.

The music fills the air of the room and vibrates in a negative way which vibrates the water in your body and makes you feel what the music's vibes are. This means the negative vibe music lowers our vibe towards fear which is the worst end of the emotional spectrum. Even if the songs sound innocent, I assure you, if it's coming out of the radio, or TV, it's usually always bad.

The highest vibe is pure silence. Pure silence lifts People's vibes by forcing them to release inner traumas which heals the mind. This is why meditation works so well.