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I’m not sure if anyone else has been paying attention to what has been going on over at Reddit.

I’m permanently suspended from the site, so I can no longer post, but I have been a member of /r/conspiracy over there for probably almost 10 years now.

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE was on the same page and “mental wavelength” up until something major happened - the Trump presidency - which I’d like to add is the very reason these forums we’re on now even exist today.

It began with a very slow influx of “shills” arguing with users. Next, came the users saying things like “all of these Trumpers infiltrated our sub”.

Next, came a major shift that ALL politicians are bad, and that “it’s a big club and you aren’t in it”.

As of this last week, the temperature has finally been cranked up to boil the frogs alive. A top comment in one of the posts stated something along the lines of:

“It’s clear that both parties aren’t the same, the republicans are against the people and for their own interests, while at least the democrats are willing to fight for the people”.

I always knew the sub was slowly being infiltrated and taken over, but it had to happen slowly, or everyone would jump ship.

There was always at least some good discussion, but as of this last week, I really think that sub is now 90% infiltrated. The only thing that surprises me are vaccines. Shills in that sub don’t seem to touch on that subject.

Anyways, there is a VERY CLEAR plan to get people to quit supporting Trump, and label any of his supporters as stupid or extremists.

I just hope everyone is seeing what I’m seeing!

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reddit has been a cesspool since latish 2015 when soros influxed heaps of money to a dedicated reddit army. I think it was called Correct The Record. Years and years ago there was a study posted and banned on DataisBeautiful showing the Protrump vs. Pro Hillary vs Pro berny posts on Politics sub. There was a date which matches the soros money where the prohillary went from like 2% of posts to 80% literally overnight.