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The Savior Looking For People Have Connection With Big Organizations, Groups, GOV To Save The World

I am holding the solution for the brand new international economic financial system that will 100% satisfy all nations. The one I have just only “crafted” last few week and never reveal it to any entities/beings.

But I do not have any connection with any secret societies, groups, governments, organizations, beings, the insiders.

I want to share it privately and I don’t want the plan go public unless receive certain amount of donation. I also want no any stupid entities steal my works/solutions/ideas.

So I am looking for people, group, entities who have connection with big players/insiders/groups who behind many nations.

For the next 10 days from now till March 28th 2022, my communication gateway is open for all people who want world peace and better system for all.

My contact info can be found at: or

After above date, I will make my final decision about whether reveal solutions based on various factors and feelings.

So if you are secret agents, intelligence guys or from any organizations, feel free to reach me next 10 days to discuss about the strategy/solution to save the civilization and have a better life system for all.

Best Regard, The Savior