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C'mon man!.. I don't have to write up a story explaining anything... Why the fuck would they invite her instead of a long list of others that should be going to the white house or wtv.

Calling it now.. they're going to use her to promote the vaccines "safety" and "efficacy" and she will basically parrot wtv is said to her back to the masses of sheeple.

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Why the fuck would they invite her

They didn't apparently, they offered her a phone call.

Honestly this event has been so sloppy I think you've missed something. The fact that you believed the WH story and ran with it means you've been personally fooled by this as well.

Stop jumping to conclusions.

Did you think literally every celebrity in existence was going to play ball? They're all compromised and all would willingly inject themselves?

I think you underestimate the sheer ego of some of these individuals.

Folks like Minaj are used to getting their way. Always. This time, it didn't happen, and Minaj has been given a small red pill.

She is far too self-serving to willingly "pull a fast one" for a group of supra-elites. It's just not in her personality type.

This seems more like an uppity celeb that didn't play ball, and now she's facing the consequences.

IF they had done a whole WH trip with the pomp and circumstance, I might lean towards OP's interpretation, but looking at the whole picture, it falls apart.

My 2 cents.