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Just like Event 201 preceded & predicted the "Covid" plandemic, the "pandemic of cyber attacks", as promised by Klaus Schwab and his WEF with their "Cyber Polygon" exercise, seems to be taking place already, with many large scale hacks being reported.

That's if the MSM is to be trusted, which it isn't. Lets discuss how these hacks are definitely a scam and a set up - What's their end game? Who is they exactly? Post links if you got 'em!

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Sber Bank - Russia

Tinkoff Bank - Russia

Сyber Security Agency - Singapore

Qatar University - Qatar (get a u)

Deutsche Bank --> emphasizes Russian offices?

Uniadnes - Ecuador

CSIRT – NQN - Argentina

Barilla - Italy --> WTF the pasta maker?!

Banco Santander - Spain

Ozon (eCommerce) - Russia

Hoff - Russia --> WTF furniture maker?!

Gulf Bank - Kuwait

UZCERT (Gov Cyber Sec) - Uzbekistan

Oldfield Partners - London --> 2004 Investment Specialists?

Tengri Lab - Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of the Orenburg Region - Orenburg (had to look it up) its Russia

SB Crédito - Brazil

Home Credit Bank - Russia and Kazakhstan

Zero11 - Branding - Dubai and Belgrade ?

Tropical Bio Nature - Agriculture - Colombia

The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of Financial Market

Agtools - Global --> noticing a pattern now --> food supply chain

Ventum Consulting - Germany and China

Expedia Group - Seattle, Washington

Pentland Firth Software - Germany - Consulting

Timeweb - Russia

ColiveMe - Bali and Sri Lanka (tiny?)

Bank CenterCredit - Kazakhstan

Infimedix - Germany --> medical supply chain

Business & Technology Services - ?

Also noted that the event for WEF has a weird email address -->

[email protected]

Which if you go to https://bi.zone is some strategic management company which has an incredibly flat site for such a robust claim --> also why is WEF using them as an @ address?

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This list of companies participating on the world stage is fucking bizarre. The excess of Kazakhstan and Russia while only Germany and London from EUR and one US company? A lot of huh's

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Lets posit that food shortages occur as result of a cyber attack --> what would be the consequence?

Well, rioting.

Last Summer was rioting resulting in culture pivoting and destabilization.