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So, I have this theory that everyone vaccinated is infected with an artificial metal parasite, the spike protein, whatever you want to call it, and what led me down this avenue is treating my own symptoms of what I would call "transmission" with natural quinine. Shortly after starting a routine of quinine I got violently sick I'm talking shitting on the toilet and throwing up in the bath tub simultaneously, and this led me down the road of looking into parasites. I've learned since then that bacterial infections are actually parasites, and antibiotics are actually metal to temporarily stun and kill the life cycles of them. Mercury in specific was the ingredient mainly mentioned for antibiotics. But here's where it gets crazy! Let me just quote the drug development history of antibiotics/antiparasitic medications:

"Between 1975 and 1999 only 13 of 1,300 new drugs were antiparasitics, which raised concerns that insufficient incentives existed to drive development of new treatments for diseases that disproportionately target low-income countries. This led to new public sector and public-private partnerships (PPPs), including investment by the BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION. Between 2000 and 2005, twenty new antiparasitic agents were developed or in development.[11] Metal-containing compounds are the subject of another avenue of approach.[12]"

So here's my conclusion: I think it's odd bacterial infections are basically metal parasites, and treated with more metal (mercury), and Bill and Melinda Gates are the reason it's treated with metal, and now that I think everyone's infected with an artificial parasite (which ivermectin and chloroquine treat) they're going to start making their own artificial "life savers" while banning the natural alternatives (you can literally make quinine with grapefruit and lemon peel) when they gave everyone this metal parasite that shouldn't be in the body in the first place. Our body is going to reject it until it dies from an immune response unless we take their treatment. Iron and Clay does not mix. Technology and the dust of this universe will never bind. They're just making us machines.

Here's a a bonus speculation: skin infections are parasites. Want to know something? Starting later this year or beginning of next pharmacists will be allowed to diagnose and treat skin issues such as lice, scabies, shingles, etc. Why? Because everyone's going to be dying from whatever current "virus" is "overloading the hospitals" and they're not going to want you to go be checked out there for the skin condition to see the FAKE FUCKING NEWS no, go to your local pharmacist, everything's okay, and treat this with more metal ya big fucking dummies. Oh and get your vaccine! We can't see you we don't know if you have Covid 2319 so stay six feet away with your fucking face shield until you get vaccinated and then we'll treat your shingles that we gave you from RADIATION from the rest of your dumb fucking family that we jabbed that is now a walking cell tower. Again this is all speculation, lol. Just passing along some CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

Also LOOK WHO'S INVESTING INTO ANTIPARASITIC DRUGS cough PFIZER cough cough along with literally everyone else. They're expecting them to skyrocket ijs. Again, just speculation.

PS I'm not here to argue religion. Don't take my iron and clay quote to heart, it's irrelevant to the point.

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People do not have psoriasis because of low vitamin D or all people with low vitamin D would have psoriasis. That's called applying common sense.