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So, I have this theory that everyone vaccinated is infected with an artificial metal parasite, the spike protein, whatever you want to call it, and what led me down this avenue is treating my own symptoms of what I would call "transmission" with natural quinine. Shortly after starting a routine of quinine I got violently sick I'm talking shitting on the toilet and throwing up in the bath tub simultaneously, and this led me down the road of looking into parasites. I've learned since then that bacterial infections are actually parasites, and antibiotics are actually metal to temporarily stun and kill the life cycles of them. Mercury in specific was the ingredient mainly mentioned for antibiotics. But here's where it gets crazy! Let me just quote the drug development history of antibiotics/antiparasitic medications:

"Between 1975 and 1999 only 13 of 1,300 new drugs were antiparasitics, which raised concerns that insufficient incentives existed to drive development of new treatments for diseases that disproportionately target low-income countries. This led to new public sector and public-private partnerships (PPPs), including investment by the BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION. Between 2000 and 2005, twenty new antiparasitic agents were developed or in development.[11] Metal-containing compounds are the subject of another avenue of approach.[12]"

So here's my conclusion: I think it's odd bacterial infections are basically metal parasites, and treated with more metal (mercury), and Bill and Melinda Gates are the reason it's treated with metal, and now that I think everyone's infected with an artificial parasite (which ivermectin and chloroquine treat) they're going to start making their own artificial "life savers" while banning the natural alternatives (you can literally make quinine with grapefruit and lemon peel) when they gave everyone this metal parasite that shouldn't be in the body in the first place. Our body is going to reject it until it dies from an immune response unless we take their treatment. Iron and Clay does not mix. Technology and the dust of this universe will never bind. They're just making us machines.

Here's a a bonus speculation: skin infections are parasites. Want to know something? Starting later this year or beginning of next pharmacists will be allowed to diagnose and treat skin issues such as lice, scabies, shingles, etc. Why? Because everyone's going to be dying from whatever current "virus" is "overloading the hospitals" and they're not going to want you to go be checked out there for the skin condition to see the FAKE FUCKING NEWS no, go to your local pharmacist, everything's okay, and treat this with more metal ya big fucking dummies. Oh and get your vaccine! We can't see you we don't know if you have Covid 2319 so stay six feet away with your fucking face shield until you get vaccinated and then we'll treat your shingles that we gave you from RADIATION from the rest of your dumb fucking family that we jabbed that is now a walking cell tower. Again this is all speculation, lol. Just passing along some CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

Also LOOK WHO'S INVESTING INTO ANTIPARASITIC DRUGS cough PFIZER cough cough along with literally everyone else. They're expecting them to skyrocket ijs. Again, just speculation.

PS I'm not here to argue religion. Don't take my iron and clay quote to heart, it's irrelevant to the point.

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Kind of.

The nano-particulates do contain metals. The spike protein is not a metal, it’s a GMO protein that’s essentially a biological toxin.

Antiparasitic drugs work differently than antibiotics. Antibiotics are derived from fungus, and synthetic GMO fungus. They’re fungal compounds originally. They mostly mess up bacteria’s ability to reproduce or in some cases are so toxic they kill on contact with bacteria.

Antiparasitics have a variety of mechanisms of action from blocking the metabolism of bacteria or parasites to preventing them from forming cell walls to protect themselves to break down their cell wells. Antiparasitic drugs starve or destroy or cripple bacteria or parasites and many of them are not toxic to humans.

Antibiotics are derided from fungal toxins that kill everything around them. Totally different mechanism. There’s no metal in antibiotics. But there is synthetic fungus.

Antimicrobials often work as antivirals as well like the drug Alinia.

Most skin infections are bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or allergic reactions.

The Covid vaccine is not a vaccine, but a GMO biotoxin. You can’t really get immunity to a biotoxin. You can get used to being poisoned yes, but that’s not immunity. Your immune system will try and remove and detox the toxins but the vaccine actually produces more spike proteins than an infection with the virus which is merely a delivery mechanism to create spike proteins. The spike protein is the biotoxin that makes people sick and causes all the worse symptoms.

shadeLM [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

We're in agreement until you say antibiotic drugs are not antiparasitic and that they don't contain metal. All antibiotics are antiparasitic (because all bacterial infections are parasitic) and they all contain metal. It really is just a few minutes worth of research away. And the spike protein coated in nanolipids? I'm just calling it a metal parasite because it's easy to understand, and it technically is one. It's a parasite coated in nanotechnology. But yes you're right about the vaccine being a toxin, but where you're wrong is the idea that the immune system can't create immunity. That's what it's for. I think after you realize all bacterial and viral infections are unnatural and results of being poisoned, and we build immunity to them just fine, I don't see how this spike protein would be any different as long as we don't actively feed the virus. I think we'll show symptoms as long as there's room for improvement in our lives to correct our immune system. A fully functioning healthy one imo would not exhibit serious symptoms of the spike protein. I would just prefer not to have these nanoparticles in me at all, but to say the body can't become immune to toxins is flat out false when that's literally everything that makes us sick and the the entire point of the immune system.

thughes 1 point ago +1 / -0

Most antibiotics have marginal effects on parasites depending on the antibiotics. Some antibiotics like doxycycline have a much higher anti-parasitic effect. If you classify bacteria as a parasite then yes all antibiotics are anti-parasitic against many bacteria, but not all of them are broad spectrum. Most of them don’t work on viruses or fungus, and can actually make fungal infections worse.

Also, not everyone detoxes biotoxins the same way. 1/4 people don’t in fact if they have HLA gene mutations. Mostly of white European ancestry. British / Irish genes in particular.

Unfortunately with Covid and potentially the spike protein from the vaccine there’s a very likely possibility that it permanently alters your DNA. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/05/further-evidence-offered-claim-genes-pandemic-coronavirus-can-integrate-human-dna

If this is true, then the spike proteins are genetically modifying its host. For what purpose? I can’t tell you, but it can’t be anything good for you.

This is a biotoxin capable of editing our DNA and becoming part of our bodies for life. There’s a very real possibility it doesn’t go away but merely goes into remission, and could fester for years or even the rest of the life of the person infected. This is possibly HIV 2.0.

What’s even scarier is guess what this biotoxin does? It weakens the immune system and attacks the very thing that destroy it and eliminate it from the body.

You need to keep in mind this was likely designed to function this way. Lyme disease, HIV, and COVID-19 are all potentially bioweapons designed to cause lasting damage and effects.

I do have hope and I do believe our immune systems are more powerful than the powers that be claim they are, but we’ve never seen anything like this before in human history. Wars will he fought over this, mark my words.

As for the metallic properties of the nanotechnology, yes there’s metal lipids in the vaccines. But no, an antibiotics primary active compound isn’t metal. They might have metal filling agents to make the capsules but it’s not going to have an antimicrobial effect unless it’s a metal like silver or mercury (which can also harm you). Again, antibiotics are synthetic and/or GMO mold toxins.

People do learn to live with being toxic, but make no mistake they shouldn’t have to. Your body cannot remove every toxin it comes in contact with unfortunately. The world we live in is far too toxic. Often chelation and even fibrotic enzymes are required to clear toxins from the body. As well as detox binders like activated charcoal and zeolite.

Unfortunately I’ve been biotoxin poisoned and it nearly killed me which is why I know all this. I’m still recovering. The body needs some help with all the shit that’s in our world now.

shadeLM [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

I agree with everything you said until you said mercury is not in antibiotics. It really is, and there's multiple forms of mercury that are able to be manipulated into the other forms of mercury through different chemical exposure in the body. Antibiotics also manipulate the body into retaining said mercury. All bacteria is parasitic, which is why they're dosed with metal, to prevent the hyper immune response of said parasite without treating the root problem so you have a reoccurring customer. The parasite/bacteria will come back and grow as long as you continue to reintroduce it and feed it. But yes you're right about everything you said, this vaccine is definitely going to reverse transcript and edit itself into the DNA, and I believe that's the point. I believe they're artificially creating evolution just to prove it to future generations, but obviously there's so many other unmentioned reasons we'll probably never even know about. I just know it is a toxin, like every other inoculation, but this one is probably the most toxic one we've ever seen to date in this civilization. I feel if it's coated in nanotech, it's manipulative by emf. If it lights up with luciferase, which is the SM102 in the vaccine, then that's literally controllable visible cells. I think that's another reason for this vaccine. To create a symbiotic relationship with machine. Evolution.