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I've been studying the American Revolution and the founding of America recently. As much of recent history is a lie, I would like the inside scoop on this debate between Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

I think I would have been an Anti-Federalist. Jefferson's whole purpose was combatting any and all forms of tyranny. He feared a big national government becoming tyrannical, and look at where we are today.

Federalist's did do some things I like, such as developing the military, but they were also led by Hamilton who I do not trust one bit. He was constantly persuading people to vote for people he wanted (e.g., Washington over Adams) and also came up with the First Bank. Knowing how evil banks are now, I wonder if he was malevolent in his intent? But I also wonder what the Anti-Federalists' countermove would have been. Any ideas from people who know more than I?

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The Federalists are to the Constitution as the Anti-Federalists are to the Bill of Rights.