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Independenceforever 6 points ago +6 / -0


Have you seen any original or variant "covid" yourself, ever?

Has anybody you've ever meet seen it? And when they saw it, how were they able to prove it wasn't just the common cold, which looks identical?

The "virus" would have to be isolated and sequenced to see what it is.

And would have to be proven to infect human cells and replicate to be a virus that's contagious at all to humans.

These steps have never been taken by anyone EVER, anywhere.

Scientific method requires a "control". "Studies" done require you to REPLICATE THEIR RESULTS IN EVERY CONDITION and then compare it to a control of nothing.

Notice how these "scientists" conveniently never advocate for a control to compare their mad hypotheses and conclusions to. They steadfastly refuse to even allow one. This reveals much about this whole novel written about a fake new magic "virus" that acts exactly like the common cold, WHICH MUTATES EVERY FUCKING YEAR. That's why you catch it more than once!

If you had a control or attempted to prove any of this bullshit story you'd see it's just a pointless charade of groping about in the dark.

there's no "deadly" "pandemic". This year's common cold was rebranded to "covidol-1984" in a mad orgy to mock and crucify God, logic, and actual scientific method.

To wit: you have NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT'S EVEN IN THOSE VACCINES OR WHAT'S ACTUALLY MAKING PEOPLE SICK. It may not even be a "virus". Have you audited a live version vaccine and sequenced everything you found in it? Has anyone?

Can you trust the listed ingredients to be 100% accurate? From people who force medicate you with Fluoride in your water?

That the universities didn't call out this OBVIOUS scam and fraud is a sign they are either in on it or complete criminally retarded walking corpses.

None of them have verified any of these retarded "covid" claims. And the one university that tried to say "hey there's no death rate whatsoever" - Johns Hopkins - immediately memory-holed the story. Which was and still is right.

THINK guys. Let's put this stupid charade behind us. A bunch of retarded idol worshippers got us chasing after phantoms and superstitions.

crito 3 points ago +3 / -0

I honestly couldn’t have said it any better !!