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"Hey man I read different news than you do. The news stations and newspapers are mainly owned by big corporations who work together for common interests.

There's a whole separate world of news that is written with the average person in mind.

Its kind of listening to two people having an argument.. Both of them write things with their own spin or facts or viewpoints.

The difference between the past and now in 2021 is that one of those perspectives is no longer being represented fairly or at all on the most commonly known large websites, TV stations, and newspapers.

While the smaller sites also get things wrong, sometimes majorly wrong, that doesn't mean the large corporations have a vested interest in representing anyone but themselves in a positive light."

The above might not change anyone's mind on the spot or at all, but what it absolutely does do is get you out of the nazi/supremacist/kook box, and its worked for me countless times. Highly recommended. Please upvote so others can use this strategy, thanks.

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More farfetched than the official 9/11 story? They likely have no idea what the official story us if they think any conspiracy is more farfetched than that. Besides lizard people, the official 9/11 story is the wildest conspiracy I've ever heard