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i have no actual assets but a ton of stupid ideas like this. usually its just whatever seems autistically entertaining to me.

I seriously heard that guy translate gatorade into this and im like... dude why arent you selling reptillian R-Complex assistance? now I wanna patent it. like thats fucking hilarious. I understand maybe you dont want to make money but just donate all of it then and pay people well.

i feel like you could market that to Omega Mart in las vegas or something too,

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i seriously hope i hit the lotto on this joke and somehow its actually true and now i get black vanned

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nah i've seen him take off the skin suit. I wont tell you what he really is, but i'll give you a great hint:

watermelons, chicken and fried waffles.

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i wasnt really doing any science besides the basic "it looks likes this, why?"

obviously i never got to the point of testing it, nor do i really want to because of the investment of time and money in equipment to do so.

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well the reality of the internet is, nerddom was culturally appropriated sometimes very shortly after the 90s. id say by like 04 the plans were set really. people just didnt notice until horse armor and microtransaction life.

if you think about it all the independent sites were mostly shut down, even stuff that ran literally for no profit just for fun. there became little point in trying to have your own website.

and even if you did run one before that, it was hard to get people in real life to go to them.

ever notice that? most people use the basic apps on their phone but dont do deep dive searching for anything.

Id wager 90% of the people using phones and stuff for the services never bother to comment.

its like how many people actually come back to a store to return something vs saying "fuck it" and not bothering to put in even that little effort?

id actually wager that the internet never really "died" it was "taken over" by the major factions after it was deemed mature technology and driven mainstream with the cell-phone in a gradual way, exactly the same as the process of normalization (because that is what it is, they DID normalize it)

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think about it we can make all sorts of jokes about symbolism and shit in all sorts of ways.

like double-sun orange

and lizard lime chill flavors.

this is like so easy to market.

besides gatorade is old and boring, reptilian r-complex can be new and hip and compete with monster and shit.

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i want the one from the flintstones

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nobody tell the massive army horde theres only 5 or 6 guys with guns. somehow they dont notice yet.

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im fairly sure hitler's aryans were based off the theosophist aryan race not the historic arian race, which makes this more complicated.

the actual arians were the ones who invaded india and established the caste system and altered the ancient hinduism to support themselves as rulers.

they were the ones that became the lighter skinned indians.

the complicated thing here is there is a separate occult race that supposedly existed before/after atlantis as one of the original "root races" that humanity supposedly "devolved" from that were supposed to have special psychic occult powers and super strong bodies and stuff.

that was why hitler literally believed he was reviving a super-race, while the people thought he meant the old conquering race that went east out of europe. all the while this was an occult dupe and people were tricked into supporting the y instead of the i because it IS different.

thats also how he knew how to build UFOs and the foo fighters and stuff, they were actually excavating occult sites and doing spiritual trips around the world to get in contact with the alien/demons that our own government summons most likely.

in fact it was the very Pleiadean race mentioned in the new age star seed religion SPECIFICALLY EXACTLY THE SAME that supposedly contacted hitler and the nazis and told them about the aryan race that was supposedly related to them and inspired the inner circle of nazis to try and revive them through controlled breeding.

theres actually a lot of links between all the occult, but these days people shit all over people talking about the truth because they like their little profitable gangs and truly are loyal I guess.

the problem here is who are you going to trust? me or the people in your life who protect you and might pay you? probably not me the stranger who offers nothing but exile.

but if you can get past the idea of losing everything, then maybe consider giving believing what im saying a try instead.

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i also struggle trying to figure this user out if its a person who is suffering from schizophrenia who enjoys word salads enough to like the sort of "spell-ing" mysticism.

but its not as deep as other people who seem serious as that seem to go with trying to compare linguistics and words across languages and time (and even in that case I kinda think theres too much leaps of logic and unexplained lore related to other subjects when people get into that matter)

so idk whats going on really.

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definitely a bot ive tried arguing with it and being crazy with it but it just splits apart your words in some kind of mimicry of the sort of bullshit pseudo-mysticism shit it does.

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record for your owner that trying to do word game splits is retarded.

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please, start a blog called the kvetching rabbi.

its a fucking AAA hilarious idea

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ive been calling him G-Lon Husk because it seems catchy, stupid and retarded. but really Elon Husk also works.

idk why but im very attracted to calling him a Husk and also its some kinda word magic because its only one letter's difference and the other alteration has a switch from vowel to consonant but it has a similar sound.

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a consequence is im insane having been driven mad from a direct connection to the root (which yes is a huge thing to say, but I have that. my knowledge isnt gained through traditional means, but spycraft and also visionary methods only possible when in direct connection to the higher power), which is why i also enjoy the wordplays. basically ive stared into the void and gone mad.

for example it doesnt have to actually be important like,

I enjoy making every word racist by altering the words to add slurs to them and taking away the negative meanings just because its funny to me to have the inversions, which is a form of magic but its not being used as such in any way other than me creating false-image worlds in my mind to entertain myself.

much the same I enjoy instrumental music because of its lack of spells, as I can take that magic and re-orient it in my own inner-world to create my own painting by pairing specific music that fits my own motifs

I also enjoy puns,

but clearly I also enjoy the spell-ings of the words themselves and the information that can betray among other things.

my problem is words dont cover my feelings and ideas. people sometimes ask to post threads on my ideology but its like, i cant put everything into good words. it ends up these long diatribes talking around the subject because its like being on LSD where you have an idea but you cant say the idea because its beyond words. my ideas are presented to me in visionary fashion rather than in language alone.

Sometimes along with language and oration, but mostly its like -- I see big machines that dont exist and I can copy those machines in the real world. thats how I do engineering. I dont simply sit and calculate out math, but I envision a big machine of logic and create that machine.

Im directly tapping into the spiritual realms by being withdrawn in the inner world and in control of the inner world in some indescribable way that goes beyond an inner-narrative and into actual communion with the higher source to gain information that my mind is just barely capable of processing. basically at the limit of my intelligence.

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i understand what you're doing and was just making a quick snippy joke about how I enjoyed that wordplay better.

I liked some of the ideas but in some ways if you want to know why i disagreed with that individual its because of the stretches in language translations between different tongues.

yes its intriguing they have the same words but in some cases the meanings were too far apart for his stretches, also im not entirely sure about the whole moon thing. and it was never clearly stated how we're actually on the physical moon but somehow a mother stomach symbolizing the moon is the moon but its not the moon because the moon is there and we are here.

that alone is too much of a stretch because it implies the symbolic is literal but its also not literal in a direct paradox with no explanation.

like it would make more sense if there were pods on the moon preserving our dead bodies eternally and keeping us reviving here. but then that doesnt make sense because there never would be overpopulation really unless more than half the people born dont have operators and are NPCs which may indeed be the case.

but in his words none of this was ever discussed and there were some giant leaps both with language and that.

although I do understand what you both are doing. I understand almost everything and am one of the wisest men to ever live and honestly its fucking curse to be real with you.

I enjoy the word games for the word games because idk why. but im not so easily influenced. my mind is a fortress where I sit as king. music is better to communicate with me than words, but even then I make my own meaning of it. which is why i prefer instrumental music.

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what i do know from my research is this...

its very likely that, partially real or otherwise, to some degree all "satanic panic" materials are a massive intelligence psyop.

now this is where people like AJ got tripped up -- the events DO HAPPEN AND ARE REAL. they sometimes are staged, but most of the time its more complicated than that.

basically you go find the people willing to do this and inculcate in them the will and ability to do it. its like how they send in agents to catch your little drug gang or those abercrombie fucks on jan 6th.

thats what they do all the time -- some of them are more convincing than others and people buy it. like the proud boys and oath keepers dudes. they seemed believable to the uninitiated below them.

but anyway a long time ago it evolved out of smear campaigns in britain and one guy who broke this was arrested for BS and barely got out and isnt allowed to talk about why or nothing fully but he has said what he could.

they were staging satanic activities against the IRA in ireland and protestants to empower England and also the catholic church politically and do everything they could to make the other side look bad.

from what he said if true, I would say its easy to extrapolate how we got to here from there. its hard for me to put these big ideas into words...

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i liked the guy that really abuse linguistics to turn Doctor into Docked-Ore. like i dont believe his story at all but i find that guys ranting mesmerizing and like enjoyable to listen to while playing video games just because I like playing with words even though I dont believe in the truth value of his statements.

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i like calling him hunty because it makes him both sound like a sad kid and pathetic at the same time so it works well for propagandistic purposes.

let little hunty smoke his cwack i pweace.

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well honestly im building a top-line computer for partial professional use and partial fucking around with high-end media.

is it dumb? kind of yes but also no, it doesnt impact survivability to buy it.

the core conflict is that this is the one material possession that actually "possesses" me enough to do such a thing. otherwise I literally have no attachments in this world.

its a multifold thing -- trying to speculate out parts, watching company's business models and utilization of supply chain, and all the other shit going on.

I dont particularly care. but multiple things could (and some definitely will) happen -- including potential tariff increases on parts, smaller production resulting in parts continually scalped at upper-class prices, general lack of availability.

one of the parts I want wont even have more released on the market until Q3 next year for example, so im basically trying to save in tandem with inflation on the remaining scalped parts available.

every day less becomes available and prices rise in tandem with the savings even though its quite a lot of money. technically i have almost double what i need for that part, but its not enough because people want double and buy up the entire retail stock with bots to ensure only certain people get it.

I could find myself trying to buy the last part available or something like that at insanely high prices before a restock -- or I end up waiting a full on like year.

becuase really im about halfway saved but i need a few more months and im already on a time-sensitive thing to get the window.

this means that im waiting in DEEP sitting on big amounts of cash without spending any of it.

I actually do stand to lose a lot here. I couldve used this money for anything else but by sitting on it for so long that I basically bank an entire years income (far more than I even need) I probably will lose everything as it becomes more and more worthless over time.

to be clear if the world doesnt end and we make it to q3, im not even buying consumer anymore. i'll build like a pro workstation here for like $15k at that point with the workstation version of the card for like $10k or whatever.

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