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It's a religious order of the Catholic Church that got completely subverted and taken over by conversos - Jews that pretended to convert to Christianity when Spain was about to kick them out in the 15th century.

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the far right pushing the vaccine passports and the dems are against it so the situation is reversed there, the dems are fighting for freedom there

Completely untrue. That rally they're talking about was in fact organized by neoliberals and antifa and it's pro-vaccine passports. They're simply saying that whoever's against the vaccine passports is a fascist. As a matter of fact, the people in Italy fighting against the vaccine passports have been completely abandoned by nearly all political parties. The so-called neofascist party is tiny and utterly powerless - it's just being used as a red herring. The current pro-vaccine passport government headed by NWO henchman Mario Draghi is being supported by BOTH left and right wing parties.