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Defenders of the electronic system are confused. They say, "It is YOUR responsibility to PROVE there was fraud." They say this, because they've watched endless TV courtroom shows. If you claim someone is a murderer, you must prove their guilty. However, we supposedly live in a free country and use democracy to elect officials and make change. If this is true, it is the responsibility of the system that supposedly represents us to PROVE the system is legit. The election system is not a person being accused of murder. The election system isn't a person. It doesn't have the inherent rights of a person. The system is not assumed innocent until proven guilty. Just like a responsible business accounting system, there should be an automatic and transparent audit by the owners of the business. WE are the owners of the system. Supposedly.

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You are really obsessed with Nazis who no longer exist. What's your feelings on bigfoot and mermaids?

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Weird story for ya. I've used AliExpress and Alibaba for years. I was very happy with the service. Many times, I'd buy the exact same product for 10% or 20% what the listing was on Amazon. And no, I'm not talking about trademark ripoffs like Nike shoes or something. Think stuff like flashlights. But I bought a LOT for business. When Covid hit, the quality of the electronics fell to SHIT. Total shit. I'd see product failures in as much as 50% of the items I bought. And it was across many types of things. It's like China's product making went off a cliff with Covid. I had to stop buying off there. I'd buy the same items on Amazon (with the significant markup) and the items had no measurable defects. So same items bought off AliExpress had mostly defects and when bought from Amazon, no defects. Both were made in China. Kind'a weird, huh?