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what were your search terms? or just post links to your search results.

my spouse said she has dreams that aren't nightmares but they're as said in the OP.

like she was a cow getting slaughtered or heads in a blender or her eyes were hanging around her neck.

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any employees that want to copy information....

they sell normal looking glasses that take pictures and record videos.

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it isn't the mark of the beast

yet these techniques and technologies may/may not be what the beast uses.

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trackdown is an old tv episode where a con man named trump was saying he was the only one that could save the world by building a wall.

edit : i was rewatching to make sure I sent the right clip and the guy even says "a big lie" 😅🤔

abridged episode


full episode


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what do you think of the trackdown episode?

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lol... gerson therapy is proven mrs fake news

water / dry fasting is also proven to knockout cancer

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learn how to do extended fasting you'll be fine. 3 to 40 days.

learn how to dry fast

dr sergey filonov has cured people of radiation sickness and other illnesses from dry fasting /water fasting

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this game...

homefront 2 (says 2025 dollar collapse)