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You sound like a nigger with the wrong shade of skin. Fuck off.

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You need to be better at your job than this.

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I read the Bible as it's meant to be read, accounting for possible subterfuge on the part of the rewriters of history. You take the goy edition at face value and think Christianity is about evangelical boomers bowing down before Jews and washing the feet of niggers so that their sky daddy will take their ghost up to the clouds to play with harps. That's not Christianity.

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People who hate Jesus want you to think that the Bible is a book about a bunch of desert bumpkins and their sky daddy - it isn't.

Christianity makes perfect sense.

Think of God as like a dreamer or playwright, without form, and this world is his dream or stage, where he can take forms such as Jesus to play the act of life as a man, to dream of each of our lives, to experience his words, his logos, brought to life all around him in full color. Think of your body like a costume. Think of Jesus, God in the flesh, as a guy who knew the true nature of his existence and thus, was able to do miracles, as in a lucid dream. Think of this word as not made of matter but made of thoughts, the thoughts of God, the sole thinker and senser to exist, the solipsist, who always eventually senses what he thinks of, for he has an eternity to do so.

Anti-Christians don't want you to know that.

Most sects, especially Catholicism, are the work of Jews who are parasites, Freemasons who are their most loyal servants, and the like, who want you to be confused, because they hate you.

Catholicism isn't Christianity, it's idol worship, and Evangelicalism is even worse.

Make no mistake with the hook-nosed abominations who tell lies to the goyim, they are utterly evil, as are their grovelling Jesuit lackeys, and not only do they want you to be their slave here, where they'll do horrible things to you if you refuse to serve them in the most degrading of ways, but they want you to go to hell with them too, where they know they're destined for when the goy blood runs out; this is why they push bullshit stories about evolution, sky daddies, and ghosts.

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I don't subscribe to the densities theory, instead I use a simple zetetic cosmology

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I'm sure some normies won't get it, and some shills will hate it, but well, watch the Truman Show and consider that we're all playing an act, and that we're all the Truman of our own dramas.

"All the world is a stage" -Shakespeare