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When they tell me to be afraid of nuclear war, then its definitely not going to happen and is fake and ghey.

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yeah basically, fallen angels are real

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Sounds like a Disney movie for adult retards.

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"An extraordinarily clear message to America to wake up to this Jewish threat to our children, our families and our civilization."

"Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin is the pastor of Liberty Fellowship, in Kalispell, Montana. He has a youtube channel where you can watch his popular weekly sermons. He was a syndicated talk show host, he is an author, a columnist, a media personality, and he was the 2008 presidential nominee for the constitution party."

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somebody said raananh too

he got banned once then unbanned

but it took 15+ hours and he was pissed after he got reinstated and cried out and struck at me

so idk hard to say

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I remember a few studies from 2020 saying smokers 40% less likely to contract ""covid"", think they determined nicotine was the reason.

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""It's fake shit people, don't believe it!""

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NWO is JWO confirmed.

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corona-hiv research

**this is from the past 2 years, minus the new UK stuff.


"Daily briefing: Australian COVID vaccine trial abandoned after HIV ‘false positives’"


"Cell Reports Medicine: Impact of SARS-CoV-2 variants on the total CD4+ and CD8+ T cell reactivity in infected or vaccinated individuals (PDF)"


"DEPOPULATION VAX: Trial subjects injected with coronavirus vaccines suddenly test positive for HIV – updated"


"Missing / Deleted"


"Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag"


"IIT Delhi team claimed SARS-CoV-2 had 4 'inserts' in spike protein that are similar to those in HIV, a highly unlikely occurrence in nature. Scientific community refutes these conclusions."


"How does a person's T cell count indicate AIDS?"


"Image of virus cell structure comparison"


"Idaho doctor reports a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients"


"The guy who discovered the HIV virus said early on that COVID was developed in a lab and contained bits of genetic sequence from both HIV and malaria. Media shut this down with the "no evidence it was manmade" BS. Time to re-visit this."


"There Are at Least TWO Lab Engineered Versions of SARS-CoV-2 (repost from conspiracies.win - credit to OP raven9)"


"Nobel winning scientist who co-discovered HIV claims novel Coronavirus was made in Wuhan's lab"


"Theory that they're actually trying to help."


"HIV and Covid (Long but very relevant)"


"This doctor trained at the Mayo Clinic and runs the largest independent testing laboratory in Idaho. Listen to what his lab testing is showing:"


"AIDS related 4chan post image"


"A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome"


"Some COVID-19 vaccines could increase risk of HIV, researchers warn"


"50 MILLION doses of 'vaccine' recalled as they triggered 'false positives' in HIV tests. The magnitude of this is beyond comprehension. Experiment gone very wrong!."


"Could certain COVID-19 vaccines leave people more vulnerable to the AIDS virus?"

June 4, 2021 – 36-year-old woman with advanced HIV carried COVID for 216 days and had over 30 mutations of the virus. Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/woman-hiv-had-coronavirus-216-days-virus-mutated-2021-6?op=1

July 12, 2021 - FDA expected to announce new warning on Johnson & Johnson vaccine related to rare autoimmune disorder. source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07/12/johnson-and-johnson-warning/

October 4th, 2021 - Doctor Thompson reviews AIDS tests conducted on vaccine recipients which shows massive decline in immune health by comparing before and after tests. Cites that Doctors are not performing an AIDS test because there is no way to treat or profit off of these results. This mirrors other doctors' findings and Israel's 'immuno-erosion’ findings. Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pCkihtkrBuWH/

--- Remdesivir & HIV/AIDS

Remdesivir is an experimental antiviral medication for COVID produced by a HIV/AIDs medication pharmaceutical company.



• "INVESTIGATION: The COVID vaccines cause aids."

Daily Expose article detailing new UK / Canada data showing vaccinated are more likely to be infected and die. Also discusses decreased production of N antibodies in vaccinated individuals.


• "Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes and microRNAs"

Stephanie Seneff, et all, analysis on immune system dysfunction.


• DoD data from three whistleblowers (re: D-Med) showing explosion in cancers and other diseases among vaccinated military personnel. Lawyer Thomas Renz explains.


• Insurance companies find huge spike in deaths from various causes for working age population following this mass vaccination campaign. CEO Scott Davison explains


• Dr. Bauer shares research that double jabbed Pfizer recipients have 5-6x less neutralizing antibodies than immunological normal people. Dr. Bauer is a pro-vaxx normie.


• Dr. Nathan Thompson shows blood tests indicating immune suppression in his previously healthy patient.


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He is a nigger kike subverter

As with most of the complaining bitches who pop up in c/meta/new constantly

He prob is playing a strong game with multiple alts too or is part of a "team"

Is C ignoring him like everybody else? Hope so.

Last thing scored needs is some sanhedrin council of rabbi accounts and alts dictating what goes on here.

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Well, that just fully discredited Noq report for me.

Guess they are zionist propaganda now.

Doesnt acknowledge communist role in NWO.

Doesnt acknowledge jewish zionist role in NWO.

Doesnt acknowledge technocratic role in NWO.

Only acknowledges some 70 year old connection muh nazis.

Doesnt acknowledge that Henry Kissinger (a jew) oversaw Operation Paperclip.

Says disallowing whites to protest? is 100% aligned with Hitlers racist agenda?


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Wow, this is pretty good post you've got here.

I have a few things to add.

"Their plan is a Jew World Order, an all world government with the capital in Jerusalem. They are doing this either organically or attempting to force the hand of God to bring about their messiah, or moshiach.

" https://www.jewfaq.org/mashiach.htm

'Mashiach: The Messiah'

"The mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of ALL WORLD GOVERNMENT, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15)."

*And a reminder of what Trump did:


"Donald Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem and the capital of Israel."

*This fulfilled prophecy, so key to them, they minted a shekel with an image of Trump and the Third Temple on it.

https://files.catbox.moe/t4rn41.png ""

**The symbol for Noahidism is the rainbow, and this whole time we thought it was only the homosexual community making a mockery of one of God's symbol.


***Noahide laws were secretly passed by the US Congress in 1991, although remain dormant and unimplemented.


"NOAHIDE LAWS PASSED BY CONGRESS-1991 Death by Guillotine"

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Yeah maybe, their obsession with numbers says likely,

02/22/2022 = 66,

the number of the fallen angels in kabbalah

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LOL, ok brother have a good day.

No I'm not a leftist troll on this site, a while back I shared a bunch of links with you I had archived related to coronavirus and HIV.

I don't drink anymore, but yeah Heineken is alright.

I don't do crypto, but I seen its your new twist. Its kinda bombing rn, but will probably shoot up again unless the globalists put a lock on it. Just get out when the getting is good before that. And if and when they introduce NWO FedCoin (trademark).

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What are you drinking bro?

Also, are any of the Canadian trucker convoys near you, and what do you think about that situation?

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Yeah, my fault man, I drank alot of coffee this morning and monitoring all these events can make me irritable.

just wanted to point out nobody is asking the question as well as how seemingly easy it is to get the info (with funds).

I know, most people aren't researching anything, are getting wrapped up in alt media, as if alot of that isn't also disinformation, and aren't making seemingly logical conclusions. Its frustrating.

Yes, something is going on regarding Donald Trump. Keep digging. At this point in my analysis, actions speak louder than words.

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