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I mean, to be fair, Ukraine has been the whore of the west for decades.

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It's all 3.

The virus is just a bioweapon: A virus (called SARS_CoV_2) WAS released from a Wuhan lab. It spread in some Asian countries, like Korea, but for the most part, wasn't particularly virulent. There's no sign it made it to the U.S. It has never been isolated in the U.S. Viral isolation is VERY EASY to do. And yet it's NEVER been done in the U.S.

The virus doesn't exist. As a result, we've started using PCR tests that the COMPANY THAT PRODUCES THEM has flat-out stated tests only for generic covid strains. Many common strains of cold and flu carry covid signatures. The emergency use authorization for these tests ends on 31 Dec. Because COVID has never been isolated in the U.S., they had to use computer simulations and CRISPR technology to manufacture the viral signature to make a fake vaccine. Yes, this actually happened.

The virus is just the flu. Have you seen what happened to flu numbers? Yearly deaths from flu were about 80K per season, targeting the elderly and immunocompromised. And yet, there have been ZERO DEATHS FROM FLU for two years now. That's literally completely impossible. And yet, "covid" is killing about 80K people per season, targeting the elderly and immunocompromised. Odd, yes? Zero flu. Exact same numbers of deaths among the exact same demographics with the exact same symptoms. Hmmmmm... So yes, the COUNTS for the virus (and positive tests) are just the flu.

So yes, all three statements are simultaneously true, and they are not incompatible.

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Don't forget that flu vaccines weren't tested, either. They created a single vaccine, then changed the formula every season, saying that since the "method" of creating the vaccine was the same, they didn't have to ACTUALLY test each year's altered recipe.

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Used to be we'd see heart attacks in top athletes 3-4 times per year. Now we're seeing 3-4 per weekend. But don't worry. This has NOTHING to do with the mRNA experiment. Even if it did start at the exact same time.

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Except that borax was often used by the tablespoon full. Salt isn't.

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Borax used to be the "cure-all" for everything.

Until they found out it was poisonous. Around 10g can be lethal, and they used to put it in EVERYTHING. Milk, bread, etc. In large amounts.

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Trump filed TONS of suits. ALL were shut down by liberal judges. Trump didn't "shrug his shoulders." The "Republicans" did.

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"It could be that they put the stuff in some common ingredient which is supplied by the same manufacturer"

So the manufacturer added a completely unnecessary and poisonous ingredient... for no reason. And NOBODY has caught it... except one guy... without explaining his methods?

Seriously... That's your argument...

Not that spike proteins cause all of the same issues... that a post from a guy with NO PROOF says something, it's more reliable? You're being played for a fool.

If I wanted to derail the truth, I'd ABSOLUTELY have internet people claiming to be doctors spread easily disprovable misinformation.

Then when morons run with it, that's where I'd keep the focus.

If I seed 100 pieces of misinformation among the dissenters, it's REAL easy for me to bury the truth in the noise I created.

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Oh God yes. Get 'em ALL, Kyle! Especially these two vapid, irrelevant cunts.

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None of this passes the sniff test. He says "it's graphene hydroxide instead of graphene oxide!"

Graphine oxide isn't in the vaccines, either.

So what are we supposed to believe here?

1.) That ALL companies have independently decided to add graphine hydroxide to their vaccines - which serves no purpose but to poison people - and not a single employee that is manufacturing the vaccines blew the whistle... To what end? Why would they?

2.) One company is doing this, but none of their competitors have tested their competition's formations and discovered this. Because if they had, they would've absolutely leaked that information to bring down their competitors. But we're to believe that this impossibility is the case.

3.) This is all bullshit, and the experimental spike proteins are actually what's causing the damage.

Occam's Razor, people. Geeze.

by pkvi
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Yeah, the boot licking is strong in this one. "Please! I'm a good little follower! See? I get flu vaccines too!"

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There's no such thing as a "based conservative drag queen". There's only pretenders getting the dumb as FUCK "conservatives" to think "they aren't that bad."

How the fuck have we learned absolutely NOTHING?!

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Because basic science can prove that this is not "naturally reflected light."

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I've literally been saying this for 20 years. That's why the uniparty in charge pretends to be divided between republican and democrat. If the people as a whole ever pulled their heads out of their asses and realized that this tribalism is PRECISELY what they want, they'd be fucked. And they know it. The more slices you can cut people into, the better.

First it's left, and right. Then break the left and right into "alt" versions of both. That's 4 groups. Split along race lines, and you've got 8. Split along "vaccinated" vs. unjabbed, and you've 16 disparate groups.

With 16 groups of roughly 22 million in each, all finding SOME reason to be pissed at each other, how could they POSSIBLY come together to stop the overlords from stealing billions, and raping babies?

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These videos would be SO much more valuable if they weren't cutting together different footage of the same death over and over to make it look like there's more deaths than there are.

It's horrific enough as it is. All years prior saw an average of 3-4 per year. This year alone there's been 21. Disingenuous videos like this immediately shut people down, and make them believe it's all hype and lies.

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Anyone able to track down how many doses of AstraZeneca were administered in the U.K. in 2021? These numbers don't mean much without that variable.

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This ALONE should be all the proof ANYONE needs that you should not be taking this jab.

They're literally asking not to release the data until most people are dead.

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So stupid to believe that science suggests other hypothesis have merit?

Way to go. You're officially a "science is settled" fuckwit.

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