I believe that covid 19 is no more than a more powerful than normal strain of the flu which was created by mass administration of leaky vaccines.


I started thinking about leaky vaccines and the flu. The flu shot was being heavily marketed for several years prior to covid. What if they intentionally created leaky vaccines for several years in order to create a flu superbug? Then, they simply relable this deadly flu strain covid, scare the living hell out of people, then create this mRNA therapeutic for creating new pandemics in the future.

I believe that the next time these people who are vaccinated become ill that they will have some extreme immune system reactions, with bizarre symptoms. Then, they will simply blame it on a new virus strain or whatever and inject everyone again. It's as close to an infinite growth model that exists in reality that I can think of. Anyways, just my personal theory

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Omg this place is T_D 2.0, can't you all see the obvious truth? A bunch of low life, basement dwelling trumptards do nothing but follow Biden videos on youtube all day so they can give the false impression that Biden is extremely unpopular. Obviously thousands of people just sitting around all day waiting for Biden videos to pop up on youtube. They don't have jobs or any responsibilities. No, wait, it's probably the Russians, yes, obviously Russians just trying to interfere in our glorious democracy. Or trumptards who's minds have been infiltrated by secret Russian internet voodoo.

Where's my proof? Well, I don't need proof when the truth is so obvious, god you trumptards are so dumb. Oh btw, where is the conspiracy?


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Meanwhile, the thread was crawling with shills saying the same thing but without sarcasm and my comment gets removed lol

Here's the post in question, so many deleted comments. Wtf happened to that sub?



Joe Biden is a racist. That is a fact. He opposed desegregation because he didn't want his children growing up in a "racial jungle". He told black people they had to vote for him or "they ain't black". He wrote the crime bill which led to the incarceration of millions of black people. He wrote the patriot act which led to the illegal detention of Muslims. That is the true systemic racism, a system which keeps racists in positions of power.


That is a false dichotomy. Almost everyone knows that vaccines can work and have worked in the past, at least to some extent. One group of people are skeptical of pharmaceutical companies, they research the ingredients in vaccines, they also research potential side effects, they understand that vaccine manufacturers have 0 liability, they are cautious about vaccines. The other group of people blindly trust pharmaceutical companies, they do not know what is in vaccines, they don't believe that vaccines can cause harm, and will simply take anything that the doctor gives them without hesitation. The anti vaxxer strawman was created by pharmaceutical industry think tanks to dupe people into taking vaccines without question. It's to make people believe that they are smart by following orders without skepticism. It's pretty damn effective too, most people will avoid questioning vaccine safety so they won't be labeled as a dangerous anti vaxxer.


It is also the same reason shills were attacking this site when it was created. Having one large forum makes it really easy to monitor and control what people are discussing. They hate new forums like this because it makes their jobs harder, it means they have to spread out more and they can have less of a false consensus. Anyways, just a random thought I had. People used to wonder all the time why reddit didn't shut down r/conspiracy. Well, they didn't because it is convenient for them to keep it around. Appreciate this community, it's so nice to be able to discuss things without the scourge of shills ruining every discussion.