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I’m aware of the hurricane, and its near miss of the city on that day. I don’t really believe in coincidences, but at the same time I’ve researched alternative theories to electricity and energy, including Tesla, and others. Even from a quantum mechanics standpoint drawing energy from a hurricane just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for this purpose.

Why draw energy from a hurricane which would require advanced massive equipment when you could just set off a dirty bomb essentially under ground under the towers and get the same result? The planes were clearly for the psychological impact, but the bombs were likely planted in advance and then detonated remotely or by suicide bombers.

We now know 20 years later that 4th generational nuclear weapons exist, and are capable of what we saw that day. It explains almost every anomaly perfectly from the melted steel, to the fires that burned for months afterwards, to the radiation injuries to the rescue dogs and first responders. I personally knew a 9/11 rescue dog who died of cancer and who had radiation sicknesses as a result of working 9/11. The remains of the towers were absolutely radioactive for weeks after the buildings collapsed.

The nuclear signature of a 4th gen nuke is very small compared to 2nd and 3rd gen nukes, and most of the radiation is gone shortly after the explosion. But there was still some detectable levels left.

The only way I could see the hurricane theory being a possibility is if you turned the towers themselves into conductors, which theoretically could be possible but it would require extensive modifications to the structures, and you would have seen lightning and atmospheric changes to the weather and nearby environment which simply didn’t happen. What we witnessed was the interior of the building get vaporized almost instantly.

Also, you can debunk the hurricane theory quickly if you consider building 7 fell several hours after the towers and collapsed into its own footprint in a free fall. Building 7 was clearly a controlled demolition, and if they already had explosives planted in building 7 then they just as easily and likely had explosives in the Twin Towers.

It would be so much easier to just put a small nuclear device in the basement of the buildings vs. modifying the entire structure of the building to try and turn it into a Tesla tower and take energy from a hurricane to create an internal implosion. Plus, if it was a Tesla like device that pulled energy from a hurricane the building would have exploded, not imploded.

34 days ago
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