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  • Have now read a variation of this statement on every conspiracy and patriotic board ayh visit --> "Ayh don't know if ayh trust Elon but he is clearing out all the xyz". Here are but some of many discrepancies..

  • Who would have predicted that a trending novelty item that required bombastic conditioning (shouting at inanimate objects) would result in a gradual decline of interest. ~(°-°)~ up? Projection, non-haptic button panels and IoT appliances. "Well, thanks the data we collected.. by the petabytes daily."

  • Failed DisInfo Czar is now a foreign agent. What we learn about puppets is they are like cockroaches, easy to shoo away but hard to eliminate.. ending up doing their business in the dark.

  • Back to Elon --> this hash tag status shd be an interesting metric to watch. Does it stay or go under Elon's mysterious 44B$ reign?

  • SpaceX and Tesla has an interesting list of investors including government depts (NASA), major banks, investment firms.. oh and also one of its biggest is, Google aka Alphabet Inc. :-/

  • Presently on a 2,500 mile drive and finding it difficult to contemplate how to divvy up the country when the burdens are in actuality, isolated (metros and southern states). The issue is that sans a genocide, we would need enough land in the Eastern territories to house leftists and minorities, roughly 100 million people. There comes a time when one must tell patriotic Virginians, Pennsylvanians, Carolinans, etc.. your land must be surrendered so we can segregate countries. Its harsh, but we will do all we can to reward you fertile land in the West. Shame tho.. there is such beautiful land in Pennsylvania.

(ง’̀-‘́)ง ..oscillate

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The rise of billionaires is the deepstate's move to avoid congressional oversight. They sponsor handpicked actors to be a popular CEO/founder that just happens to produce the kind of products or services they once produced within government contractor frameworks. As someone here (maybe you) mentioned before, if NASA tried to launch tens of thousands of satellites into LEO, their funding would have been pulled.

Musk provides their true space force. Gates provided the world's software. Now he is the face of worldwide vaccination campaigns, spending billions on projects the government never would have gotten away with. Epstien provided the political control structure via blackmail. Bezos and Zuckerberg provide information and access to billions of people worldwide, from their daily activities to the conversations in their households.

There are plenty of other NGO actors that allow the deepstate to act without oversight. The point is, none of these billionaires are mavericks running around doing their own thing. They are plants, installed to work outside the constraints of government oversight.

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Satan Armor Elon says "two more weeks."

I tRuSt HiM 🤦‍♂️