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Yawn. I'd beat the crap out of you at Holdem.

Not Russian. Never claimed I was.

Try to tempt history. They haven't been beaten historically at home, not since the Mongols. They're Russians anyway.

Subjectively we are talking about something else, not your fetish for losing. But you might get lucky. Dumbass.

I understand you're all gung ho about the Cold War. It technically wasn't fought at home. It technically wasn't a war. Besides for it to occur, Russia still won.

I find it laughable everybody else is a Russian. Everybody who doesn't share your propaganda. I mean look at it. Dumbass.

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Hahaha. You didn't have a point.

Ethereal an agenda to drive change. But it's becoming less than remarkable today.

They don't want change. If they did they'd nationalise it. The change they want is bullshit anyway. Eeevees are the biggest pile of shit, since this generation's hyper consumption. They aren't addressing hyper consumption. They're forcing it. More electricity. Look at all that shit that uses it. More consumption. It's Hyper. What's the price of electricity. It's more expensive.

So they're getting back at Russia. With the current buffoons in our governments. They're blundering right into it. It is a greater danger, more than freaking Eeevees which are quite hazardous. They don't work either, and not in the weather.

Yes when there was a society before the Internet, people used too. Now it's online, and it robs, like a Mafia number station. It is so corrupt they have the regulator in the same office building as the online Casino. They're both located in a free haven. Backed by the banks. The banks sponsoring it. But the price of a beer is more than quadruple today. Literally in all of 20 years.

But for the sake of arguments. Ethereal, an agenda has been played. It is forcing change and technology. It is trying to bring about another race, by being the leaders of it, because it still thinks it can contain its competition.