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CIA hasn't been in Ukraine for 75 years. They probably have to extents and big word limits. But you give the CIA far too much credit for recent events that are much more recent.

What is this topic anyway? In aid of what? The CIA. You spook. Hahaha. Dumbass.

Seriously it makes no difference. You see where it's at now?

Russia doesn't fully recognise Ukraine. It recognises Russia. The last time Russia mobilised was in WW2. It has just acquired how much of the Ukraine into Russian sovereignity? Those Oblasts. Territorial integrity. The more Ukraine fights it, the more territory Russia recognises as Russian. It has trapped far worse armies, and lost far more in the process, millions and millions and millions, but it kept fighting sometimes to the last battalion, until it won. It technically won WW2.

The only deal is to recognise Russia. Or they will fight until they won't lose. Russia won't lose when it has nukes. Ukraine has already lost. Territory.

Or convince me how, this topic makes any difference. Ukraine will have to recognise Russia. Or Russia will have to lose. Historically those odds are Russian at home.

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I don't really care. Except any feud goes back further than the CIA. But any history is recent.

Today it's a big problem. Read all the shit print on Reddit there's your CIA. Mindless propaganda. It doesn't understand history, but tries to incite.

The main thing it isn't providing is an analyst. It instead serves a bunch of propaganda.

Any analyst will tell you it's grim. It's a big deal. Bigger deal to Russia. It simply doesn't see it as anything else. It therefore becomes unthinkable to lose. Of course we have today's generation. But they probably aren't enough to change that programming.

No I am 100% not a Russian. I'd fight them all the same. But that picture isn't looking good the longer this drags out. It is what it is.

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