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No refunds!

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No exchanges!

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Dr. Kruger initially thought that these turbo cancers, as she calls them, were due to delayed doctor appointments from Covid lockdowns, but that period is long over, and the tumors are still growing aggressively, and in younger patients. She reported some of these cases to the FDA, and while some higher-ups initially agreed to meet with her, they canceled the meeting with no explanation the next day and sent a phone agent to take her report instead.

Physicians have known for a long time that the lockdowns are killing people. Their voices are silenced.

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Could also be people did not get their regular checkups?

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Whats funny is if this is the same conversation I seen somewhere else.

The vaccine isnt giving people cancer. Didnt a few doctors say at the very beginning that these shots have the chance of suppressing the immune system, which would cause people to experience a increase in cancers.

But yeah, the covid shutdowns, people were/are literally dying because of undiagnosed illness's.

In places like Canada their bloated healthcare that they pay the most taxes in the world for is rapidly deteriorating. I knew a guy who busted his heel a couple weeks ago and after making him wait a week, the hospital literally told him it was only 1.5mm apart so they werent going to do surgery on it. Hes only early 30's and its kinda pathetic honestly. It would only take 30 minutes to slice him open and push things together.

I already know of a few stories where people went to their doctors several times asking to get checked out and get turned away. Only to find out they have cancer months later and its to late to do anything. This is a common thing in nova scotia. Long before covid.

Ive told my story a hundred times. I got poisoned by a multi million dollar company and was told by several doctors that refrigerant cant cause irregular heartbeat and that I didnt have irregular heartbeat.

The main doctor involved tells wcb and the college of physicians that I did not like the effects of a calcium blocker I was never offered let alone prescribed, so thats why he didnt give me beta blockers for a condition I do not have. When I asked the college if I was ever given this medication, they legit told me, they are not doctors they cant answer that.

I dont know how the fuck I am supposed to react to this shit. All I can say for sure, is anyone who is a agent of the government is a criminal. All of them, period.