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this is kind of an offshoot of the dead internet theory -- which i dont believe in it is sort of in a "zombie state" but thats for other reasons which i will briefly go over without detail -loss of independent website value for indie web devs of the 90s -copyright control -DMCA and western law (partly above) -censorship -independent hosts and reviewers replaced with sponsored influencers -increase of bots

but anyway its not really dead just yet. just in a sorry state with walls erected all over the place and most private ownership destroyed and piracy along with that.

but anyway I think theres something else going on here and it has to do with creating self-reinforcing bubbles of fake opinions to justify later actions on.

this whole idea of "democracy" right -- they want to make it look like certain views or ideas are so widespread and simply outnumber any other idea so that way any studies done on opinions or ideas using internet data is inherently fake.

90% of your participants and test subjects are either real but paid off in advance to say certain things making their statements invalid, or completely fictional persons who are actually bots.

they basically want everything to be 1990s gamefaqs "favorite character" polls where the real answer is predetermined because a group of people have rigged it to vote a million times for cloud and sephiroth.

it literally wont matter if any independent minded person votes any other way because not only is the poll itself rigged, but a certain percentage of the real people paid to help rig it also are influencers who influence retards to help them making the horde unstoppable even if every single real unemployed person voted.

what im saying is, because the amount of "netizens" outnumbers the amount of world population or citizens they can start using that number instead of the real one!

they can say world population is 9 billion higher than it is because 9 billion more accounts exist than people. they can say whatever those 9 billion accounts say IS the democratic majority opinion, always, based on ficitonal personas that actually only represent less than 1/1,000,000th of the population.

so basically all market research, data, anything you gleaned from internet population data at current for the last 30 years is wrong. at a basic level "official data and statistics" probably never accounted for the fact theres always been, even before bots, one guy who would create hundreds sockpuppet accounts and shit.

the reason i say it could be a "fake study" is that the results of any majority can be rigged, justifying virtually anything with "data" backing it up that huge numbers support or believe something. even if the people who reported that were paid to, lied to, or simply never existed in the first place.

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Add to this most working adults don't discuss politics or any remotely controversial topics at work and yet nearly all of their in person socializing happens at work, so if most people around them did feel some type of way about something, it wouldn't be openly known.