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pizzakek 2 points ago +2 / -0

Np, answer was effortless, the long chains of thought processes trying to explain myself how to unfuck this in my life perhaps were heavy lol. Just stuff i gave long thinking sessions.

In the end the fact is, that no single one of us can change the outcome without the others.

No one can embark in a single suicidal mission with any chance of success.

Perhaps a genius one day will come and do exactly that; but as i know it's not me, i can't pretend it's someone else either, and then must think in terms of "what a drop in the ocean can do". Which may add up.

So do what you can/have to do to steer your conscience clear, but understand this is not all on anyone specific at all. At the end of the game we all die anyway. Perhaps in the great order of the universe this little ball full of evil is just a simple chance for ourselves to learn to think and exert our will and little more.

Understand your spot in the order, accept or refuse it, execute your will based on that conclusion, sleep, repeat. Wether we change the world or not, if we accomplished that cycle, is perhaps not that important. Perhaps the current stage is just god excuse to let us train that cycle. Who knows.