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I noticed some folks in c/Conspiracies/p/15IXWXnIo6 arguing about the shape of the Earth. It doesn't look to be in bad faith, so I create this post for anyone interested.

Personally, looking at the Sun (ouch) and the Moon is enough for me.

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There's an ISS livestream always going on, and when it goes over your area, you can go out and see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86YLFOog4GM

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But the ISS is located within part of the Earth’s atmosphere according to the experts. Therefore would be theoretically too close to capture the rotation.

With that said, this livestream is switching angles. Hard to discern if its legitimate and not some sort of CGI trickery

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No amount of evidence will satisfy you because you're a simpleton. You've watched morons on Youtube use conjecture and hypotheticals based on zero evidence to portray a narrative that no one with a practical understanding of physics will support. So, you think there is some grand conspiracy that is keeping all of us from the truth, just to satisfy your own delusions about what 'really is going on. The simple fact that you can use a telescope to see multiple moons and planets revolve around each other, and 'spin around' with your own eyes, yet fail to acknowledge that our planet must do the same is you being an obtuse 1/2 wit.

Celest 2 points ago +3 / -1

ISS livestream

  • Channel: Space Videos -- this isn't even "official", they just love NASA
  • Keeps interrupting/switching scenes
  • Bottom left: "recorded video" with exact GMT time 🤔
  • https://files.catbox.moe/nbhyms.png
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