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Essentially, yes.

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BlackDay2020 3 points ago +3 / -0

Stem cells can't help you if you don't kill off senescent cells first (or maybe renew them). The two work in tandem to regenerate tissues. Merely spamming stem cells may not have the desired effect (might work for injury where cells are already dead).

The rate at which your cells go senescent vs the rate at which you can replace them: I guess if you figure out how to tip it in favor of the latter at any age, you could at least live a lot longer.

The other thing you'll need in your quest is an endless supply of tissues and organs to replace injured ones (injury too great for your body to heal: like an entire organ failing due to elite levels of decadence). All you need to do is to clone yourself, and keep the clones imprisoned (just like in the movie "The Island").

Jalapeno_gringo 2 points ago +2 / -0

Not yet. If they did, they would stop researching cancer. Those cells never age

thesarl 4 points ago +4 / -0

They research cancer to make sure they’re in control of anything that comes out, I’d wager. Same reason all patents go through a defense review first, so they can be classified and snatched up. Everything you can dream up has already been invented and withheld from the public. One of the reasons they want to kill us all off.

Imagine a family where the step-father demands a portion of their income so he can do renovations to the house. If they don’t work, he beats them. He takes the money, buys land somewhere in the tropics and builds a mansion, all while pretending to be doing renovations. Eventually he’s sick of pretending and wants to live full time at his mansion. So he files restraining orders on them and tries to poison them at the same time.

Not a perfect analogy.

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I thougth oxygen via its corrosive nature is what degrades cells. The very act of breathing and being alive is what causes us to age and die. Tellurides (sp?) Determine how many times a cell can divide before it dies. Add more tellurides to increase lifespan

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allow me to re-org your PARADIGM OF EXISTING.

aliens have visited planet earth long ago and continue, as well.

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It’s true

Source: am immortal

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If yer a female get in touch.

NotGonnaDoIt -1 points ago +2 / -3

thinking there's anyone born with ovaries here

Wew lad

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Ovarian purebloods are going to be as rare as__________…

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unvaxxed sperm will be the new bitcoin LOL

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Yes brother... As usual... There will be more pure men than women.

Eve brought her apple back from Satan's hotel suite.

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hold your cock up! THIS IS A STICK UP..