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Then shuffle every claim back to Pfizer to cover. Claim denied. No liability.

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his death is essentially suicide


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When in a pinch, always ask an actuarian.

They have already buffered money in health insurance for 4G/5G related cancers/illnesses from mobile device radiation AND some explicitly rule out these pay-outs in their contracts.

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if you are able to.. now would be a good time to short life insurance stocks.

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This is one case. But newly discovered uncertainties always sew doubt in the population. This causes people to jump ship because there is a newly added risk. Especially when we are talking about algorythims that may have selected the stock based on a specific range of risk it is willing to accept.

At the end of the day, these companies put aside a specific amount of money based on the a certain amount of risk. In the case they need to pay out a relatively high number of life insurance policies. If there is a sudden jump in payouts that was not anticipated these companies will go to zero in a hurry. This amount of risk will cause any investor to move money elsewhere. In my opinion.

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Also this whole thing rely's on a doctor determining the COD to be vaccine related. There seems to be pressure for doctors not to do this..