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Ive thought a little bit on Unions they through lobbying had a negative effect on competition in the work force during reconstruction forced increased wages priced out Black workers not racism but an adverse effect similar issue with teen workers . Supposedly they were designed to give workers power against the Barons or "capitalists" improve wages and work conditions. My sister worked a city job the Union has for years been stripping away past amenities and benefits that they had also they did nothing when it came to the mandates Ill do my own research but do you know a good place to look on Unions?

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now that the covid narrative is collapsing because it's being exposed massively, and the vaccines dont do anything for it, expect the narrative to now shift to supply line issues, inflation and things of that nature.


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How is Buffett going to ship his oil?

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This is a bit misleading, railroad workers can't strike without government approval, so basically never.

They just got new attendence rules that are complete bullshit. A lot of RR'ers are on call 24/7 for most their life. And not the 'Hey, you might need to work Monday' kinda on call, it's the kind where you go to sleep at 9pm and get called at 11:37pm to work 12+ hours.

They used to get 7 unpaid 24 hr periods off a month. If you took 24hrs off for Timmy's birthday for example, it'd be from 0001 to 2359 (military time). You'd be up all day doing your thing with the family but as soon as the 24hrs was up, you are on a train at midnight for a 12+ hour shift and spending the next night out of town in a hotel, then take another train (12+ hours) home the next day. You get 10 hours of ”uninterrupted rest" at home then the cycle repeats, you wake up and you are on a train to another town again. It's a brutal lifestyle.

In a 6 month period, they could take 42 "days” (not really days, but 24hr periods) prior to this. Now they can take like 3 or 4?

You'd have to fully understand how the RR works to realize this is INSANE and if they don't strike they should all quit. The transportation union for RRs is a joke and the carriers shit on them constantly. It is not a strong union at all (because it's illegal to strike without federal approval). Big Orange RR has spent the last 5 years destroying as many jobs as possible to boost those profit numbers. They are running everyone ragged without enough man power as is. This is not the unions fault at all.

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Twenty years of that shhhit sucked

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And I thought 7 was too many lol

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I cant find an article about this, any links?