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Featured-documentary time! Which one should we watch & discuss next?

Make a suggestion in the comments, and don't forget to vote.

Previous Documentaries are listed in the wiki.

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2003 -- The Corporation


The NEW film by the same people

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel Trailer

I am suggesting this film because it is THE most relevant to what is happening in our world now, which I characterize as a push towards global fascism. Jack Posobiec, a regular on Steve Bannons War Room show posted on twatter today a mussolini quote saying corporatism IS fascism

And if you read the definition, it's true; but just to flesh it out, it's a type of corporate totalitarianism where the government has a direct interest in no bid contracts and exclusive and unlimited quid pro quo relationship with certain businesses, industries and sectors and business and gov collude to 'feudalize' and enslave the consumer / population / citizenry

That's what is happening now. America the illusion. Run by lawless corporate-owned plutocrats that are trying to push to use (bio) technology and both left and right wing domestic terrorism as hegelian ploys to enslave people with AI run technomanaged social credit score systems WHILE USING PROPAGANDA to accuse their political enemies of the exact thing they're doing.

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We're in very dangerous times. People need to wake up to this (FASTER PLEASE), or they will be enslaved eternally