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We were right again, sadly. The covid death shots are working as intended and are now killing significant amounts of people and that number is only going to increase over the next year. It wasnt hard to predict this since all we did was read what the global elite had said they were going to do to us and match that with what is going on. Seriously, this was one of the easiest conspiracies to see coming because of how telegraphed it was and by the scale of it.

So, the financial system will collapse. Where does that leave us? Who is going to show up for work when fiat currency doesnt buy you anything? Police? Fire? Truckers? Grocery store employees? Farm hands? Nuclear power plant workers? City water dept workers? They will stay home with their families and will not work for free while their families are unprotected.

Society collapse. No power. No energy. No internet. No food. No water. No health care.

It wont last forever, but it will take a long time to rebuild back society better.

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Millions of freeloaders dying is not a presage to economic collapse !

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I think meaningless jobs will disappear when the fiat financial system collapses and people suddenly realize that if they want to eat/survive they are going to have to do something meaningful in society. Welfare will end.

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Dont see any doctors dying!

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Dont worry, if the death shots dont get them, the angry mobs will.

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Financial system might collapse. We are in a period of 1970s stagflation, headed towards hyper inflation. However, it might just be crappy times like that again, not Great Depression level stuff.

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I wish history didnt contradict that. Great depressions seem to follow pandemics. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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perhaps that's why the labor shortages and shit? o.O not enough people to fill the demand for all these places??

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That is exactly right. Dead people wont work.

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I want proper death numbers.

I want blood on the streets.

I want to see the morgues flooding with bodies.

I want to see desperation, madness and outrage by the unclean ones.

I want to see them ripping each other faces off.

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it's the only way the majority of people will see... :( sadly

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I'm glad I had worked myself spirituality to witness death... Nothing to do, we just carry on, they win.

It's their world, our aim is to leave it and not in rockets like the materialistic retards want to do out of desperation...

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Can you share links to the numbers of Vaxxed/partial-vaxxed/whatever garbage name they call people that are not fully vaxx compliant dyeing?

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What "die off" are you talking about exactly?

Got some actual numbers?

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You make the exact same post several times a day. Stop being a doomer shill. There is no "die off." You do a disservice to the legitimate vaccine skeptics with this relentlessly stupid shit.