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SpaceX is supposedly a month or two away from bankruptcy. After lobbing thousands of satellites into space in low earth orbit (supposedly for internet) they suddenly fear bankruptcy.

So what is starlink really for? Autonomous drones? 'Cloud' servers to house an AI? Uplinks for the vaxxed?

Whatever it is, i have never believed the ISP story. It's almost as ridiculous as believing CERN is for smashing atoms.


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SpaceX is a Crown Mil-Industry Complex company fronting as a private corporation. All these huge companies are darpa babies.


It’s the robot control network, Georgia guidestones 500 mil people, boston dynamics robots to make Big Macs.

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Worldwide tracking systems need worldwide coverage. That was always the point. Musk is propped by the New World Order government. Tesla was almost bankrupt and rips all of a sudden and Pelosi and friends make tens or hundreds of millions of dollars each.

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Amazon is also looking to launch thousands into orbit soon.

Another company as well.

This covers the planet "in internet" bcuz the cables in the ground that work are not so good. Bull shit.

This is a metaverse tracking something.. its a control atmosphere.. nothing less.

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From a logistic pov, lets assume a buttlerian jihad happens, and we need to fight AI. The AI having the communicating infrastructure in the sky would be a lot harder to destroy compared to just cables on the ground or undersea. Going in the sky is a lot harder.

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Part of Starlink's value proposition is the promise of lower latency internet communication. Information travels roughly half as fast through metal, atmosphere, and fiber optic cable as it does through a vacuum. By relaying data through the satellite network, data can be sent tens of milliseconds faster from one side of the Earth to the other than existing technology. That's worth a lot of money to a lot of businesses.

The current starlink satellites lack communications lasers, and so they can't relay data between satellites. The latency is therefore no better than current technology. SpaceX needs to launch a new version of satellites with communications lasers in order to reach the full advertised potential. The new satellites are bigger than the current ones, though, and their current Falcon 9 rocket can't economically launch them in volume. So, they're doubling down on using the fully reusable Starship platform to launch them. The fear of bankruptcy is due to the fact that Starship doesn't actually work reliably yet. They need to get Starship working in the next year. Otherwise, they'll risk running out of money.

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Thank you!!

It is completely normal for a business to experience a cash crunch during its growth phase.

I have not been following Starlink, but I did get a chance to witness a chain of Starlink satellites pass overhead one evening. I as very surprised that they are not outfitted with intersatellite communication, and the efficiency issues with getting the larger models into orbit is also a surprise.

The commercial (and secret) opportunities from having such a network are enormous. Take streaming and video conferencing. They can potentially be a single network end-to-end, and therefore employ IP multicast (or a proprietary protocol even more optimized for their network) to massively save network resources. Meanwhile, their terrestrial competitors will need to offer some big platform.

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SpaceX needed something to launch in order to have a meaningful real-world launch success rate that beat NASA.

The Starlink business will probably be spun off or sold, possibly on a fire sale to Musk and his brother who have been dumping Tesla stock recently.

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I agree with this. The satellites were a way to bankroll demand for their primary service: space flight. Sort of similar to how musk built super charger stations everywhere to make electric vehicles plausibly. Didn’t know we’r they were bankrupt- couldn’t imagine US mil letting that happen

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Bankruptcy "story" could be Musk pacifying SpaceX engineers into accepting a fire sale of the Starlink business...to himself. Starlink has a backlog of orders well into 2022, not typical of a supposedly near bankruptcy company.

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Starlink will IP next year. The threats that Elon made regarding the bankruptcy was to strirr up the company to be able to produce Raptor engines quicker so as to be able to have a Starship launch every 2 weeks.

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it's a soul prison for when the sun discharges and awake those that didn't take the bug

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It's to connect the BEAST system

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Hello friend. You have to consider the news source CNBC? The new quantum system has nothing to do with space X. Star link internet is only one aspect of this quantum system. It's what we used to take control of the shipping vessels (Evergreen) carrying all sorts of nefarious things involving weapons trafficking children ect... its also what we used to watch the election fraud in real time. Think the Kraken the QFS the Quantum voting system the super computer used for the cyber warfare program that calculates 1000 trillion figures pr second,unhackable with stops and bounds. The quantum system is for positive change. The space force run by Trump,white hats, military ect...🇺🇲🙏🏼🙌